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Quick And Easy Tips For Storing Your Mattress

There are several quick and easy tips for storing your mattress. Having a high-quality bed can cost thousands of dollars, but it’s an important and wise investment since we spend over one-third of our lives sleeping. It’s important to protect mattresses so that they last a long time. Mattresses... Continue reading

Amazing Spaces Storage Centers Gives to Those in Need in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

“Welcome to Amazing Spaces.  We have water, coffee, tea, and treats available in our conference room behind me. Please move to your right if you need a storage space and to your left if you just need moving supplies and boxes,” directs Matt Tautenhahn, a Moving and Storage Concierge... Continue reading

Moving Into A Senior Living Community – How Storage Can Help

When you’re moving into a senior citizen community, you might not have a lot of space available for your possessions. However, you can rent a secure storage unit. Our team of employees understands that moving is often stressful, and in some cases, sometimes you have to move quickly, making... Continue reading

Amazing Post-Hurricane Resources for our Neighbors

#Harvey is No Match for #Houston Watching our communities respond to the disaster Hurricane Harvey left behind has been nothing short of Amazing.  Neighbors opened up their homes to  strangers. Our country came together in what is known as one of the worst natural disasters to hit the USA.... Continue reading

How To Store Items After A Hurricane Or Flood Damage

Weather disasters create many hardships for individuals and businesses. If you’ve encountered problems due to Hurricane Harvey, it can bring peace of mind realizing that you can store belongings temporarily during the cleanup or rebuilding process. By following some simple guidelines, you’ll optimize your ability to use self-storage space... Continue reading

How To Treat Your Movers – Tips For The Best Experience

Moving with Professional Movers: Tips and Tricks to a Happy Moving Day As the big moving day approaches, it’s natural to feel a little anxious about your move. However, your moving day can be a positive experience with a little preparation and some useful day-of tips! Before Your Movers... Continue reading

What is Your Amazing Place? Amazing Place Photo Contest for Our Newest Property

We need your help finding our next Amazing Place! If you’ve ever visited our properties, you may have noticed canvases of beautiful  places hung in various areas. We call these pictures our “Amazing Places”. All of our Amazing places are breathtaking, naturally beautiful destinations.  Each destination represents the number... Continue reading

Amazing Tips On How To Store Furniture That You Never Thought Of

If you’re looking to either renovate your house or move to a new home, you may need to relocate your belongings into storage for the time being. However, even though this can seem like tedious work, it’s important that you take care of your belongings. To store your stuff... Continue reading

How to Organize an Amazing Vacation This Year

Do you want to take a break and plan an amazing vacation with friends or family? Perhaps you have been putting it off for a while and now you finally have time to start getting ready for the vacation of a lifetime. Yet, maybe you forgot how much effort... Continue reading

What are the best ways to recycle electronics?

Whether you are trying to reinvent your amazing space, unclutter an old garage, downsize your home, or move overseas, sometimes you just need a good way to get rid of old electronics. Notoriously one of the most difficult things to recycle, electronics can now be “up cycled”–overhauled for a... Continue reading