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Affordable DIY Home Projects

Many of us are sheltering in place as we continue to brave this worldwide pandemic. Spending more time at home forces us to take a look around at the home projects that we’ve been putting off for years (we’re guilty as charged!) Hence, the inspiration for this blog post—we... Continue reading

Real estate: Spring market analysis–your guide to buying and selling

Historically, the spring real estate market starts in April. However, the times are changing! The housing market is so hot right now, that the official “spring” market actually started in January! According to Realtor.com, in 2019, January was the busiest month on the site in 20 of the largest... Continue reading

How to Organize The Playroom

Chances are, you’re spending a lot more time at home these days and for many of you—your littles are also home with you! One of the most useful things you can do is create an organized and purposeful play space. This means that you may just get a work... Continue reading

Spring Solstice is here: Get a jump start on spring cleaning!

Did you know that this spring is the earliest in over 100 years? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, for much of the last century, the spring equinox has occurred on March 20 or 21. This year, however, the equinox happens on the 19th in all U.S. time zones, making it the earliest spring... Continue reading

How to Give Back During COVID-19

One of the things that we love most about H-Town is how incredibly generous the people of this city are, especially during times of tragedy. Stepping-up is in our nature and it’s times like this that we come together and make a big impact. That’s why we wanted to... Continue reading

Moving During COVID-19

Moving has taken on a whole new meaning lately, given the COVID-19 outbreak. Perhaps you’re scheduled to move or planning to move in the coming weeks, but not sure how to navigate this new terrain. We’ve put together some FAQ’s and answers to help guide you! NOTE: These are... Continue reading

COVID-19 Update | Stay Healthy and Be Amazing.

Future COVID-19 Updates We are continuing to monitor the rapidly changing environment of the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure information is readily available and easy to find, we will continue to post all updates on a static page of our website and social media sites. Stay safe and stay Amazing!... Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Time at Home!

For many of us, life looks much different right now. Everyday routines are out of sync, plans have been cancelled indefinitely and there’s a whole lot of uncertainty about the future. However, despite the circumstances, being quarantined at home doesn’t have to be a negative! Look at it as... Continue reading

The Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

Are you sticking around H-Town this spring break (March 16-20)? Or, perhaps you’re coming to visit! Either way, we have compiled some of our favorite Houston activities and day trips that will keep the whole family happy! Keep it local: Here’s a few go-to Houston destinations that never disappoint!... Continue reading

Right-Sizing Your Home: How you know it’s time and where to start.

Right-Sizing, the art of making your home fit your current lifestyle. Whether you’re a newlywed couple with an expanding family, first-time empty nesters or you’re entering the retirement era, this blog post is for you! Right-Sizing is the concept of taking your existing space and either modifying it to... Continue reading