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Amazing Spaces 2020 Turkey Hunt

We’re kicking off the week of Thanksgiving by sharing our A-Team’s AMAZING turkey hunt videos. We hope you enjoy gobbling up all the fun we’ve had in our first annual company-wide turkey hunt. Check out all Amazing Spaces 2020 Turkey Hunt Videos Now! We know we’d totally go see... Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Appraisals

Whether you’re purchasing a home for the first time or it’s your second or third time around the block, staying informed about the details of real estate appraisals is crucial to ensuring you and your home are protected! Real estate appraisers play a key role in most home sales... Continue reading

How to Store Outdoor Furniture During the Winter Months

This past summer, many of us weren’t able to vacation or socialize like we normally would, so as a result, we spent a lot of time in our own backyard creating our very own outdoor oasis, inspired with all the Joanna Gaines touches! Now, as the seasons change and... Continue reading

How to Store Leather Furniture in a Storage Unit

  Today, we’re talking about a popular topic that we often get questions about from our customers! How to store your quality leather furniture in a storage unit and ensure it stays good as new. Select a climate controlled unit If you’re intending on storing your leather furniture for... Continue reading

Purchasing or Selling a Home through a Real Estate Auction

A real estate auction is an intense, accelerated marketing method of selling real estate property through open-cry, competitive bidding. These auctions help sellers because it makes sure buyers come prepared to buy, assures the property will be sold at true market value, and this quick disposal reduces long-term carrying... Continue reading

Your Guide to Purchasing a Foreclosed Home

It’s never been easier to find a foreclosed home for sale since there are so many online sites that now specialize in them. In today’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at the various types of foreclosures available as well as the process and how you can be sure... Continue reading

Our A-team Spotlight of the Month: Property Manager, Eva

This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with floating Property Manager, Eva! Her work ethic, dedication to customer service and most importantly—warm heart are inspiring to say the least. We’re so excited to share her story with you! Meet Eva Behind the Curtain Eva was born in... Continue reading

5 Things Your RV Storage Needs

As we fade into the colder months, it’s time to plan how you’re going to store your RV. Picking a proper storage facility for such a valuable extension of your home is very important! No matter how long you plan on storing your RV, here are the five most... Continue reading

What you need to know before buying a second home in Mexico

Mexico’s beautiful weather and magnificent scenery is enough to make anyone want to purchase an additional home and spend their vacation periods surrounded by Latin American culture. It’s such an vast country with mountains, deserts, and beaches, and has been named as one of the top ten retirement spots... Continue reading

The Ugly Truth About Buying A Fixer-Upper: What to Look Out For

There’s no denying that we live in the age of fixer-upper projects and happy homeowners with high ambitions. It makes sense—after all, we’re just trying to save wherever we can and ensure our decisions are cost effective. However, while the final glam shot of the fixer-upper approach always appears... Continue reading