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Best practice tips for storing bulky items

We all have it—hard-to-store stuff! There’s some items that make it extra tricky to keep in a convenient spot and often times we’re left feeling overwhelmed with all that stuff we own! The good news is that there’s lots of creative storage ideas that will make your life that... Continue reading

Temperature is dropping: do you still need climate controlling?

It’s that time of year again when things start to cool off and you may be left wondering if you still need climate controlled space for your belongings! We’re here to offer insight into just that so you can be left with the peace of mind that you deserve.... Continue reading

Spooky Houston – Top Local Mysteries & Ghost Stories

With Halloween quickly approaching, we couldn’t help but give you a good scare! There’s some amazing History that has named the Houston/Galveston region as one of the most haunted regions in the US. These Houston hot spots will keep adventure seekers on their toes and there’s truly something for... Continue reading

Wine Not? Everything you need to know about our wine storage vaults!

Sip, sip, hooray! We have the wine storage options you’ve been searching for. At Amazing Spaces, we understand the wine storage industry. Our individual wine storage vaults were professionally designed with you in mind. Each wine storage unit was developed by a team of wine consultants, temperature specialists, and security experts to... Continue reading

Fall in Houston: Start those home projects!

Today is the first day of the 2019 Fall Season! Fall in Houston, happens to be one of our favorite times of year! Cooler temps make it easier to remain motivated to complete those “Honey Do’s” and home projects you’ve been putting off for months! We’re highlighting some of... Continue reading

Best Home Renovation Projects for the Money

Are you looking to update some spaces in your home and make them even more amazing? Chances are, you not only want to add curb appeal, but, you are also looking for a renovation project that produces a decent return on investment! Well, look no further, because we have... Continue reading

How to Protect Your Floors During a Move

When people are moving homes, it’s easy to forget about the floors. They’re staying put, after all, whether you’re moving in or moving out. The problem, however, is that floors are very easy to damage during the moving process. Hardwood floors and carpets are especially susceptible to damage from... Continue reading

Uncover Your (Amazing) Dream Home!

Finding your dream home and the place you’ll make memories for years to come is no easy task! It takes time and patience and a whole lot of inspiration, but, once you find it, you’ll just know it’s the ultimate place of rest that you’ve been longing for! We’ve... Continue reading

What to Expect on Moving Day

  Rise and shine! It’s moving day! Your boxes are fully packed, your china is bubble wrapped, and a full day is ahead of you before you move to your next amazing space! Here’s some things to keep in mind as you begin your big day: Mentally prepare—No matter... Continue reading

Allow us to take the hassle out of your next move with our efficient box options!

Packing up and moving to a new amazing space? If you need help boxing up those unique items like a flat screen TV, a tall lamp, or your golf clubs, we’ve got you covered! Our fully stocked moving supplies make the entire process that much easier for you! Dishes... Continue reading