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Houston Neighborhood Spotlight: Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas is a place for everyone looking for a relaxing, flavorful experience with friends or family. It is home to our Champions ~ Vintage Park and Springwoods ~ Exxon Campus locations, so feel free to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee on the house! Old Town... Continue reading

Houston Flood Prep for Your Family and Your Pets!

Flood season is upon us again! Here are some simple steps to saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars during flood season here in Houston: Have a flood kit prepared—What to pack in your kit A battery operated radio or a NOAA Weather Report radio with tone alert... Continue reading

When We Win, You Win! Amazing Spaces Celebrates 10 Years as Best of The Woodlands

When we win, you win! Learn how you can earn a $25 gift card to Target by renting a space at our Woodlands ~ Magnolia property online! Continue reading

First Summer in Houston’s Heat? Here’s your official survival guide!

New to Houston? Chances are you’re also new to the quickly rising temps!  Here are some tips to get the most out of your summer in Houston and not let heat get the most of you.   Schedule your day around hot temps Our lovely city heats up to... Continue reading

5 Reasons Houseplants Will Make Your New Home Amazing

After a recent move, one of the best things you can do to settle in, is bring some of the outdoors in. Hopefully these top reasons to add plants to your living space inspire you to dig down deep for your inner green thumb. Plants act as a natural... Continue reading

The art of the move: how to unpack like an expert

The moment when the moving truck drives away and you’re left sitting in an empty space filled only with completely full boxes can often feel like one of the most overwhelming parts of the move. For the organized type folks, where do I even begin may run through your... Continue reading

Create Ways to Re-Use Leftover Moving Boxes

Now that you’ve found an amazing space to call home, there’s one more mountain for you to climb. That’s right, it’s the mountain of empty moving boxes sitting in your hallway. Here are 5 great things to do with Mt. Cardboard. 1. How Your “Trash” Becomes Treasure—Grab some paint... Continue reading

4th of July in Houston 2019

4th of July in Houston Celebrate life, liberty and our amazing nation’s 243rd Birthday at these 5 lively events that’ll remind you how proud you are to be an American! Red, White, & Brew Celebrate the red, white, and brew until you’re seeing stars at the Karbach Brewery Co.’s... Continue reading

7 Tips to Keeping Your Home Tidy Enough to Show

It’s a struggle many of us have faced before—keeping the house clean enough to show for sale, while also continuing to live life each day! Between the dishes, toys, endless piles of laundry, and the storage in the basement, even the thought of people walking through every square inch... Continue reading

Welcome to Houston—Oh, the wonderful things you will do (and see!)

Are you new to Houston? This guide is for you! Did you know…Houston is the nation’s fourth largest city, with a population exceeding 2.3 million residents just in the city alone? Add in 10,000 restaurants representing over 70 countries, 145 different spoken languages, a colossal culture and arts scene,... Continue reading