A Simple & Easy 12 Step Home Buying Checklist


Your Home Buying Checklist

If you have decided to buy a new home, there are several steps that you must go through first. Follow this easy guide so that you can move into your new home and make the process easy breezy. Print it out and check off each step as you go. 

 House Buying Step 1: Check Your Credit Rating

When you want to buy a new home, you should check your credit rating and reports. If your credit reports have errors, then it can take several months to fix the problems. When you have a low credit rating, you can begin to fix that problem by paying off your debts and eliminating unnecessary expenses. If you have any dings on your report that are 7 years old or more you can get them removed. By doing these things, you are more likely to receive approval for a home mortgage that has a lower interest rate, helping you save money.

House Buying Step 2: Search For a Real Estate Agent

You will need a real estate agent to help you look for a home, but you must make sure that you can communicate easily with them. A new home is probably the most expensive investment that you will buy in your lifetime, so you need a real estate agent who will listen to your requirements. In a competitive real estate market, you will want to have a real estate agent who will notify you quickly about a new home that you’ll like.

House Buying Step 3: Determine Your Budget

It’s essential to understand how much you can spend on a new home by looking at your budget carefully. After you understand how much you can spend, determine how much you’ll need for a down payment, and make sure that you have enough. If you don’t have enough money for a down payment, then you must continue to save money before you buy a home.

 House Buying Step 4: Begin Removing Clutter From Your Home

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin removing clutter from your home. Organizing things and getting rid of items is a time-consuming process, but it helps to make moving easier. You can give items away to charitable organizations, or you can sell things to make cash. Throwing away junk will make moving day a smoother process that is finished quickly.

House Buying Step 5: Clean Your Current Home

After removing the clutter from your current home, you should have a spotless home that is clean from top to bottom so that you can sell it to potential buyers. Make sure to shampoo the carpets and wash the walls so that your home looks and smells fresh. You should also clean the hidden areas of your home, including all the closets and cabinets.

House Buying Step 6: Updating Your Current Home

You should update your current home with neutral colors of fresh paint such as white or off-white. Make the front porch look attractive by placing a pot of new flowers close to the doorway or hanging a decorative wreath on the front door.


House Buying Step 7: Staging Your Home

It’s important to stage your home so that potential home buyers will look at its best features. This requires moving furniture to different locations so that anyone looking at the home can see your large windows, beautiful fireplace, or other unique features. You may not have enough space for all of your furniture while you’re staging your home, but you can rent a storage unit for anything that needs to be removed.

House Buying Step 8: List Your Home On the Real Estate Market

When your home is ready, you can list it on the real estate market. A real estate agent will place a sign outside your home, and they will advertise your home in newspapers, flyers and online. They will take pictures of your home and may also use a video camera to take videos of your home so that potential home buyers can see the best features of the property.


House Buying Step 9: Prepare For Home Viewings

Your real estate agent will want to show your home to potential home buyers, so you must prepare for this each weekend. The home shoppers looking at your home will want to see everything such as the inside of the closets and cabinets. You may want to consider staying away on these days until the process is over.


 House Buying Step 10: Rent a Storage Unit

If your real estate agent wants to stage your home with an original theme that does not include your belongings you will probably need to bring everything to a self-storage unit until your home is sold. Amazing Spaces Storage Centers have storage units so that you can store everything you need until your current home is sold along with buying a new home. Not only can you rent a storage unit, but we also have everything you might need during the moving process. Rental trucks to help with moving appliances and furniture, moving supplies such as cardboard boxes, packing tape and labels, and much more.

House Buying Step 11: Take Advantage Of the Amenities At Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Our employees can accept packages while you’re moving to a new address, and we have conference rooms so that you can meet with your real estate agent. You can pay for your storage unit online so that it’s an easier process.

House Buying Step 12: Move Into Your New Home

After you buy your new home, it is easy to pick up your belongings at any time because Amazing Spaces Storage Centers has extended gate hours seven days a week. You can rent moving trucks at our facility so that you can transport household goods to your new home. We have bright lighting and surveillance cameras, so you will feel safer early in the morning and late at night. Call Amazing Spaces Storage Centers to find the facility that is located in an area near you.

About Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Amazing Spaces is Houston, Spring, and The Woodlands area’s premier provider of self-storage and moving supplies. Amazing Spaces aims to provide everyone with the most remarkable storage experience possible. The properties offer highly secured storage spaces, fully climatized units, and a customer service experience unlike any other.

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