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Thanksgiving is this week and the holiday season has officially commenced. In a previous article, we outlined a few different ways to prepare for the craziness that is about to ensue.  Now we come bearing an Amazing gift. The gift of being able to wrap your Christmas presents in peace.  Picture this: Christmas music, coffee (or cocoa), snacks, and beautiful wrapping paper. An area all to yourself to wrap presents. And it’s all complimentary for our Amazing clients.  Starting December 1st, our conference rooms will be transformed into Christmas Wrapping Central.  We will have complimentary gift wrapping paper and treats available to all our clients.  The best part our Amazing Gift Wrapping Parties?  You can ship your online order directly to your secured Amazing Spaces unit. From there, you can wrap all presents in our conference room.  BAM! Christmas made Amazing.

Here’s How it Works:

Ship Items To Unit | Amazing Gift Wrapping Parties | Amazing Spaces Storage CentersStep One (optional, but recommended): Ship your gifts directly to your space

Instead of shipping items to your home, send them directly to your secured space at Amazing Spaces.  We will accept all deliveries on your behalf.  Simply ship your items to your unit at Amazing Spaces.  There are so many benefits that come with this alone.  First, your gifts are secured in your space. No need to worry about leaving packages on your front door.  Second, someone will be able to sign for your delivery during the day. There’s no need to worry about waiting around for the mail.  Third, shipping items directly to your space eliminates the threat of “sneaky peekers”, who may want to get a peek at what surprises are to come.   Make sure you have signed a key release form and that we have a key on file.  Your Amazing Spaces property manager would be happy to help you with this process.Please note: we accept deliveries on behalf of our clients all year long.  You may use this amenity at any time!

Gift Wrapping Supplies | Amazing Gift Wrapping Parties | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Step Two:  Stop by an Amazing Spaces’ conference room to start your gift wrapping

All Amazing Spaces’ conference rooms have been equipped with cute gift wrapping paper and supplies to help you wrap some Amazing presents.  Simply visit one of our conference rooms and get your wrap on!

Wrap Party On | Amazing Gift Wrapping Parties | Amazing Spaces Storage CentersStep Three: Wrap, Snack, and Be Merry

In addition to complimentary gift wrapping paper, we will provide Christmas music, coffee, and treats!  What an Amazing way to get your holly jolly on!

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