How I Discovered the Amazing Difference

Hello everyone!  My name is Kelsey and I am the new Marketing Director for Amazing Spaces.  Like so many of you, I am a Houston-transplant from another state.   My fiancé, Kyle, and I moved to Houston in July 2014.   Prior to our move, I knew we would need a storage unit for his prized little sports car that we towed from Northern Illinois to Houston.  He put me in charge of finding a unit, instructing me to choose a place with top notch security, located in a safe area, and provided superb quality service.  Kyle is all about the convenience that comes with quality customer service.

Self Storage, Self-storage

Knowing very little about renting storage, I assumed we wouldn’t find a storage unit that met every one of his demands.  Honestly, when I pictured self-storage, I pictured orange doors, dark corners, and something dripping from the ceiling.  I shuddered at the thought of having to visit these places.  I couldn’t believe I had to find his storage unit.  Didn’t he care about my safety?  Did he expect me to visit these scary places all on my own?

I started my research online, actually surprised by the nice images that I found.  Sure, I saw places with orange doors, but I also discovered places that appeared to be clean and friendly.  I read reviews and thought, well if 25 people thought this places is nice, maybe I will too… the pictures looked nice enough, but nothing too crazy.  I had about a dozen tabs open on my browser, going back and forth between the options.  I didn’t really care about the locations, as I knew we were just staying in a hotel and would be moving to an unknown apartment location in the future.  When I stumbled upon Amazing Spaces, I did a double take.  THIS place offers storage?  Hello, gorgeous!  My interest was immediately peaked.  I liked the looks, the reviews, and especially liked the name.  Everything looked so…Amazing.  What an Amazing Difference from every other place.

When we arrived in Houston, I didn’t bother visiting any other storage facility.  I was hooked on the beautiful images of Amazing Spaces and already deemed it as “my storage property”.  I was relieved that when I visited the Champions/Vintage Park store of Amazing Spaces to discover that the pictures weren’t a lie – it was just as beautiful in person as it was online.  Susan, the property manager at the Spring location, patiently answered my questions, taking the time to give me a tour and explain everything in detail.  By the end of our 20 minutes together, I wanted to hug her, feeling as though I gained a friend.

The rSpring Self Storage Retail Centerest is history.  We rented a unit for his car and ended up storing additional items that we couldn’t fit into our apartment.  Kyle constantly brags to his friends about his fancy storage unit. “A unit fit for the Mopar” he proudly declares.  Somewhere along the lines, I discovered the Marketing Director opening, identifying it the dream job that I’ve always wanted.  Everything fell into place, truly making Houston our new home, sweet home.


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