Keep Calm and Thanksgiving On!

Family. Food. Chaos.

All words commonly associated with this holiday season.  Now, this is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love eating, I love sparkly ornaments, I love giving gifts, I love thinking of everything that makes me thankful and appreciating my life.  I look forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving each and every year.  My family lives in Chicago and sadly, we were not able to plan to visit during Thanksgiving (however, we will be there for Christmas!).  A couple days ago, I called my sister to tell her the sad news.  Her response was humorous and blog-inspiring.  “I wish I could be in Houston away from it all during the holidays” she said.  “I wish I could avoid all this planning and cooking and herding of people”.  I was shocked, how can you not LOVE the holidays?  Then I thought about the amount of work she had on her shoulders.  She had to prepare an entire thanksgiving dinner for our parents and her husband’s family.  She had to coordinate family schedules, likes/dislikes, listen to complaints about the locations, and somehow keep a clean kitchen on top of it all.  Good luck, sista!

I did a little research to help my dear sister beat her holiday blues and found some clever ways to keep the kitchen under control.   My friends at the Today show helped me compile a smart list together and hopefully y’all find these tips helpful!

Amazing Spaces’ Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Space Amazing!

  1. Clean out old foods and sauces from your fridge – this includes that butter that should have been thrown away 4 months ago.

A clean fridge makes for a clean mind on Thanksgiving.  You have space to organize your ingredients and space for leftovers later on!

  1. Keep the party out of your kitchen!

Ever heard the phrase “Too many cooks in the kitchen”?  Nothing is worse than dodging around guests and cooking simultaneously.  Be safe and avoid the distractions of company.  The best way to do this?  Move the appetizer and beverage bar to a place far away from the kitchen.  If you need to, give roles to guests –make one person the bartender, make one person in charge of games, and so on.  Keep em’ busy.

  1. Prep the Tupperware

Make sure you have items to store your delicious leftovers readily available.  This makes the clean-up process easier and fosters sharing!   If you need to, go to the dollar store and buy some give away containers

  1. Do the garbage dance! And Clean as You Go

Make sure you have proper garbage disposal options around you.  There’s nothing worse than running out of garbage bags on Thanksgiving.  Also –cleaning as you go will be your favorite way to cook from now on. It’s SO much easier.

  1. Keep your refrigerator organized

This goes without saying. Save yourself a headache and spend a little extra time putting groceries away.


turkeyday tipsWe hope you have an Amazing Thanksgiving!  We’re thankful for all our Amazing customers.

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