Amazing Spaces Calf Scramble Sponsee May Update

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We love being able to give back to our communities and support worthy ventures like the Rodeo Houston Calf Scramble.  If you’ve followed our Calf Scramble adventures in the past, you know we sponsor two Amazing individuals each year through the Rodeo Houston Calf Scramble program.  Our sponsees often give us updates on the status of their calves and their efforts as they learn how to raise a calf.  These are such fun updates that we wanted to share them with everyone so you can follow this adventure with us!

Ty’s Amazing Strides with Big Mama

Bringing Big Mama Home

Big Mama being petted by Ty

Ty and his heifer, Big Mama (we just love that name), are making incredible strides since he first brought her home to the FFA Barns.  When she first arrived at her new home, Big Mama wasn’t too thrilled. She even kicked Ty in his leg one day while he tried to catch her in the barn. Ouch! Despite a rough start, Ty and Big Mama have begun working together beautifully.  Most of the time, Ty is standing by her, feeding her some treats that she loves.  Ty tells us she’s made outstanding progress by normal standards and he’s looking forward to seeing what another month of working together will bring!

Skye Is Bringing Home the Heifer

Since picking out her heifer, Skye has been a busy bee getting her pin ready at the barn.  She’s also started gathering supplies and looking for a particular specialty brand of feed to give her heifer. Skye is ready to bring her heifer home. The big day will be June 18th; we can’t wait to hear how it goes!

One of the Most Amazing Parts of the Rodeo: the Calf Scramble!

If you aren’t familiar with rodeos, you may not know what a calf scramble exactly is.  The calf scramble is one of the rodeo’s most popular events.  Boys and girls who are between the ages of 14 and 18 and are members of 4-H or FFA (two agricultural organizations) compete to catch a calf. This is no easy feat: each calf weighs over 200 pounds and they LOVE running away from the kids. When catching a calf, the student must use the rope halter provided to them by the Calf Scramble committee. The rope must be secured around the animals snout and ears. From there, the contestant must pull on the rope to guide the calf into the winner’s circle.  This event is hilarious because the calves truly have a mind of their own when it comes to being guided into the winning area.  The whole event is a bit difficult to explain, so we’ve included a video of an actual calf scramble for you to enjoy!

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