Meet the A-Team: Get to Know our Champions ~ Vintage Park Property Manager, Susan

Well, December sure got a way from us; there were just so many amazing things going on! Our December A-Team feature (and consequently also the first feature of 2021!) is Susan, Property Manager at our Amazing Spaces Champions Vintage Park property. Her passion for community involvement, dedication to customer service, and inspirational leadership make her more than worthy of being the A-team member to highlight this month. We’re so excited to share her story with you!

Making Amazing Spaces Home

Susan’s family is originally from northern California and she lived there for most of her life. She moved to Texas from 2005-2008 and fell in love with it. After returning to California for a time, she made the official move back to Texas about 3 years ago. Before her career at Amazing Spaces she has worked as a store manager for Pet Smart for nine years. She heard about Amazing Spaces by starting as a client at the Magnolia Property. She thought it was a beautiful facility and noticed the team’s genuine care for each customer’s security. As a customer of Amazing Spaces, she couldn’t help but think of applying there when she found herself looking for a job. She was hired in May of 2020 as the Property manager for the Champions Vintage Park location and has loved her experience ever since!

Passion for Customer Service

Susan’s favorite part about working at Amazing Spaces is getting to know the clients and helping them through their hard or stressful times in their life.

“Whether they had a loved one that passed, they’re going through a divorce, or if their house just sold and they need a place to keep their stuff, I love getting to know their stories and sending them my prayers when they need it.”

She supports and motivates the rest of her team members to put forth this type of customer service effort by bringing in her crock pot to offer up midday munchies and forming relationships with her teammates by checking in on them, holding each other accountable, and supporting one another. Susan enjoys working with all of her amazing customers but especially assisting with unique situations. She regularly manages a customer’s wine orders while he is away overseas. Receiving and storing the bottles is only a portion of it, she enjoys touching base regularly with him and providing an amazing experience even from afar! She considers it an honor that folks entrust their items to her care.

Giving back

Susan is someone who is entirely committed to giving back to her community. While at work, she enjoys forming relationships with the moving companies and providing them snacks and fresh water while they are at her facility. Outside of work, Susan enjoys volunteering at a no-kill shelter, Wags to Whiskers, by helping with adoptions and cleaning their facilities. She loves working with them and being able to see the joy families get from adopting a new dog or cat. Susan herself has a cat and helps to take care of her sister’s three dogs too. One of her favorite parts about working in Texas is seeing all the wildlife that surrounds the building everyday like turtles and frogs.

Alongside volunteering with Wags to Whiskers, Susan helps with the job ministry at her church. During these times of job crisis and economic worry, she lends a supportive hand to those individuals who truly need it most. By being an ear to listen to their stories and leading the groups in prayer, she always strives to make a positive impact on those less fortunate. When one of the 65 community members (and counting) accepts a new job opportunity, this support group throws a celebration party, including those attending on zoom! The volunteers at this job ministry also help members build their resumes and get accustomed to LinkedIn. Every effort counts tremendously for the members of this ministry and she leads her portion so very well!

Additionally, Susan has taken part in helping her church with disaster relief. After the effects of Hurricane Harvey, many trailer homes were destroyed, and recently she’s been able to help repair a few of these homes including one family of seven that was completely displaced.

Susan’s genuine passion for community service and dedication to forming positive A-team member relationships are highly recognized qualities for a great manager here at Amazing Spaces. Her story has inspired us, and we hope it inspires you as well!

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