Moving to Houston

My new perspective on the vast differences between self storage options.

by Kelley

I’ve heard that Memorial Day weekend is most common weekends of the year to move and seeing the multitude rented moving trucks in my apartment complex this past weekend is proof enough for me. With many of my neighbors moving in and out this weekend, it got me thinking of my own moving day. About three weeks ago, I moved to Houston, and I’m still emptying out boxes and making trips to Ikea to get odds and ends. Slowly but surely though, I’m getting organized, and I truly enjoy making a little piece of Houston my very own. I’m happy to say that I moved here for a wonderful and challenging marketing position with Amazing Spaces Storage Center.

My new job with Amazing Spaces has given me an entirely new perspective on self storage. What makes me particularly appreciate my new outlook of what self storage should be is the fact that just weeks before my interview with Amazing Spaces, I rented my very first storage unit. Feeling cramped for space, I realized that this was the best option for me until I could move to Houston. I didn’t know the first thing about self storage, and I assumed that the only difference between storage facilities was each one’s proximity to me, the customer. Now looking back on the experience, I can see just how very wrong I was.

Now I know that the things that bothered me about the storage company I chose at the time are very typical throughout the storage industry; however, in Houston Amazing Spaces is the clear alternative for anyone who wants to avoid all of those headaches. For example, where I previously stored, I was bothered that though I paid for climate control, none of the AC vents went into the units. The cool air was all directed to the halls, and when my unit door was closed, no air could get inside. Another example of a rather serious concern I had was with the lack of security. The company I stored with appeared to be secure because each person had an individual code to the outer gate, but after witnessing several vehicles tailgate through the gate without entering a code, I lost the trust I had in the gate, which besides the keyed lock to my door, was my only line of defense against a break-in.

The top-quality storage services and retail products that Amazing Spaces provides makes my job as Marketing Director easy because the product speaks for itself. Amazing Spaces has AC vents inside each climate controlled unit, not just in the halls. In addition to the security of personal gate codes, every unit door is alarmed and monitored by an independent monitoring service, and the property is covered with color cameras which are digitally recording 24 hours a day. One of my personal favorite conveniences that Amazing Spaces offers is the free use of dollies and carts for loading and unloading, which is something I could have desperately benefited from while moving into and out of my old storage unit by myself.

These are some of the benefits that I missed out on with the storage unit I rented before I moved to Houston. Thankfully, I now know the important factors to assess whenever choosing where to store belongings, and I stress these determining factors to friends, family, and customers looking for storage because I know, first hand, how stressful moving is and how storing with a quality storage company makes a world of difference.

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