Relax This Summer

Tips and Resources for Having a Stress Free Summer.


Stay stress free while . . . planning a summer vacation

  • Before your vacation, set up automatic payments for bills so you won’t have to stop vacation activities to pay a bill. Also, you’ll stop worrying about losing the bill or forgetting to pay it and incurring frustrating late fees that can really add up.
  • Sticking to your travel budget always helps ease frustration. To help stay on track, watch out for hidden fees and surprise charges when booking online. Many states are hurting now and to make up for lost revenue, they’re adding fees onto all kinds of things. In many areas, government-mandated charges make up 20-40% of the total rental-car bill.
  • Set up arrangements with neighbors before you leave so that your lawn, deliveries, and mail are taken care of; if you’re gone long enough, you might even consider putting your mail on hold.
  • Doing your research always helps keep nagging worries and doubts at bay. To compare flights, hotels, and rental cars try a travel search engine like To read reviews on everything from restaurants, to local treasures, to guided tours, and more, try Trip Advisor.
    Family Vacation Critic is another great resource for planning a family vacation.
  • If you like having an outline or checklist, here are some that might help:

Stay stress free while . . . getting big jobs done around the house this summer.

This summer you may be moving, finally cleaning out the garage, or just plain tired of feeling crowded by all the furniture in your living space. Self storage is a great solution for getting organized and through moving transitions. When you’re choosing self storage, we hope you choose Amazing Spaces. Our property managers and associates are well-equipped to help with whatever situation you’re facing.
Though even the thought of moving into storage can be stressful, it’s our specialty to make you feel as stress-free as possible throughout the process. For example, in July we kick off our Relax Event with specials that will have you well on your way to feeling relaxed about storage in no time.
Amazing Spaces’ unparalleled amenities provide security, convenience, and above all peace of mind so you can be on your way to relaxing by the pool this summer!

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