Standing out from the crowd

How to properly stage your home before placing it on the market.

by Heather

Two months ago, I was faced with having to put my house on the market. With a downturned economy and a tight timeline to sell, the odds were stacked against me. Adding to the challenge of selling my home was the time of year I entered the market. Summer is always busy in our area – with lots of relocations and numerous homes going up for sale. Competition was a real factor. One question continued to haunt me -“how can I make my house stand out from the crowd?” I began focusing my energy on finding an answer.

In my spare time, I love to read real estate & home décor related magazines and several of these publications stressed the importance of properly “staging” your home before placing it on the market. One of the most consistent recommendations for successfully staging your home is to de-clutter & organize. This process highlights your home’s best features, creates a more open feel and presents a clean & fresh environment for potential buyers. In fact, this step is so important that it has created a niche industry with professionals who do just that for a living. With this little secret weapon in my arsenal, I decided to tackle staging my home. I had recently joined the team of Amazing Spaces Storage Centers and was quickly learning about the benefits self-storage offers during a move. In fact at Amazing Spaces, we were in the middle of the “Take Back Your Home” event, a campaign which highlighted the benefits of clearing out items that homes tend to collect, and that is exactly what I decided to do.

I reserved my first storage unit at our Woodlands property. Since I was new to the storage industry, I got to test out our management team’s knowledge regarding space, climate control, boxes, packing supplies etc. first hand. After asking a few questions, like what type of items I would be storing, how many rooms of furniture were in my home, etc. – they helped me select the perfect size unit and all the packing supplies for my new project.

Over the course of two weekends, I de-cluttered and organized my heart out. My cabinets, closets, and garage were cleared of any unnecessary items. Since I reserved my storage space ahead of time, I was able to take my time and really sort through everything. As I completed each room, the items were taken to my unit, and I enjoyed the feeling of a “job well done.”

As part of marketing my home, a professional photographer came in and took pictures for flyers, websites and various real estate publications. With the rooms more organized and cleared of clutter, the photos came out great. I had peace of mind that my home was at its best and my items were safe and secure with Amazing Spaces. My home hit the market the second week in June and within 4 weeks I had three offers! The feedback on how well the home showed was consistent – the “staging” process really paid off!

Not only did storing my extra items help me sell my house in record time, it also relieved stress during the final move out. Since my home had already been de-cluttered & organized, packing the remaining items was a breeze! I am a true believer in the value of storage – it really made an AMAZING difference during my move!

Staging tips and tricks:
Rent a storage unit and de-clutter to really show off the house
• Take the “less is more” approach to your furniture; store large or bulky items to highlight the home’s space
• Take down sentimental pictures and items so that potential buyers can more easily imagine their own family living in the house
• Remove valuable items and put into storage to protect the possessions during open houses and showings

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