The Smart Way to Store Wine

Whether you are a wine connoisseur, collector to restaurant owner it is important to the preservation of your fine wines to store them in a proper place. When looking into a storage facility for your wine collection you want to make sure it has all the proper amenities to keep your wine preserved and protected. The biggest factor in wine preservation is its temperature. Extreme temperature changes will turn wine. Mature and fine wines need to be stored between 50 and 60 degrees F.

Sunlight and vibrations can also effect the preservation of wine, but are not as common or crucial factors as the change in temperature. To prevent and avoid these threats from effecting your wine collection you should not choose just any storage facility. It would be in your best interest to look into specialty facilities built with wine storage in mind. At Amazing Spaces we offer such facilities with many amenities to keep your wine collection protected and preserved. Each of our storage spaces were designed by a team of wine consultants, temperature specialists, and security experts to meet the highest standard for wine storage preservation.

Wine Storage Space Features –
•    Access Keypad Entry & Camera Surveillance
•    Temperature Maintained between 50 and 58°F
•    Humidity Maintained between 55 and 80%
•    Fail-Safe Mechanical Support Including Dual Cooling System
•    9 Different Sizes from which to choose

Wine Storage Space Sizes –
–    4 Case — 24″x24″x20″
–    10 Case — 24″x36″x20″
–    20 Case — 24″x36″x40″
–    36 Case — 24″x36″x66″
–    48 Case — 24″x36″x88″
–    5’x5’x9′
–    5’x7.5’x9′
–    5’x10’x9′

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