The True Meaning Behind our “Amazing Difference”

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Since 1998, we have worked to provide a self-storage experience second to none.  Our owners came up with the concept of Amazing Spaces after encountering negative experiences with storage.  While shopping for storage, the owners could not figure out why it was so hard to find a storage place that made you feel welcome and secure.  After visiting several dozen stores, it became clear that the type of storage they were seeking did not yet exist. And the Amazing Spaces concept was born: Storage that you can feel confident leaving your belongings.

With the two new Amazing Spaces stores underway, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the many elements at each of properties that comprise the “Amazing Difference” of Amazing Spaces. This is not an all-inclusive list, but rather, the items that I don’t think most people notice right away.  I wanted to share these elements with each of you, so you would have a greater understanding of the efforts behind each day at Amazing Spaces.

Friendly and Professional Staff

When you walk into an Amazing Spaces, the first thing you will encounter (aside from the beauty of our interiors) is the smiling face of one of our staff members.  Each member of our staff goes through a rigorous training program.  The Amazing difference starts with these individuals.  This is why we are constantly looking for ways to develop and attend to the needs of all Amazing Spaces employees. From corporate-wide training events, to trade shows, to team building exercises, our Amazing staff is exposed to a variety of opportunities.  This translates into happy employees that pass along our Amazing Difference to each person that walks through our doors. Looking for a new career? We are growing and would love to consider you as part of our A-Team – apply today!

High Quality Security

We work to ensure each of our stores operates at maximum security.  By investing in the latest technologies to secure our properties, we can promise a secure storage experience like no where else.  Our colored cameras record 24/7 and each unit’s individual alarm is monitored by a 3rd party security system. The walls of our units reach the ceiling (there’s no chicken wire to the top).  Far too often we hear unfortunate stories about people who chose to store elsewhere and had their unit robbed. In our business, having a functional security system is key.  We take security seriously. Amid our beautifully designed properties is Fort Knox.

Perks of Storing

Okay, so there is a huge number of perks that come with an Amazing Spaces unit, to name a few:

  1. Free coffee (I don’t know about you, but with enough coffee, I could rule the world”.
  2. Free use of the conference room (Hello, convenience!)
  3. Package acceptance service (have your packages delivered right to your unit. Awesome-sauce!)
  4. Individual vent in Climate Controlled units (so your items are climate controlled, not just our storage)
  5. Female-friendly (as a female, I normally dread visiting places like storage facilities…it’s a different story at Amazing Spaces)

Have you encountered something that you love about Amazing Spaces?  Share it by reviewing us online or commenting below!

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