Types of Storage Spaces

Utilizing a storage facility is a great way to keep your possessions safe and secure. Usually rented on a month to month or yearly basis a storage facility is ideal for anyone who is in between moving, needs to relocate temporarily or simply does not have the room for all of their belongings.
Types of storage units:
Self-Storage – These storage spaces are typically used for business or personal use. They are traditionally windowless units made from concrete or metal and range in size measured in feet. These units are kept locked by the tenant and can generally be accessed day or night.
Climate-controlled – These storage spaces are similar to general self-storage units as far as size and shape are concerned. However that is where the similarities end. Climate-controlled storage spaces are managed units that are made to store items that require a certain amount of protection. For example, expensive furniture made from material that could be damaged by extreme weather conditions and temperatures would be better stored in this type of unit. Since these units are managed environments they work better to protect against other types of threats including pests, mold, and mildew.
RV & Boat Storage – There are two ways to store a vehicle. One way is to rent an enclosed space. These spaces are enclosed and may be offered in a range of sizes. Often these spaces come with features such as monitored alarms and detailing services. Another way to store a vehicle is to rent an outside space. This option is cheaper in price and is offered in one size that could store one large vehicle or several small vehicles such as jet skis.
In addition to these mentioned spaces Amazing Spaces® Storage Centers also offers special storage for wine! At Amazing Spaces we offer wine storage vaults for restaurants, businesses and the average connoisseur! Our wine vault sizes start by the number of cases it can fit, but after 48 our vaults then go up by the foot. Services that come with our wine vault rentals include temperature control, keypad entry and camera surveillance, and a fail-safe mechanical support with dual cooling system.

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