Amazing Winter Update from our Calf Scramble Sponsees

Skye and Ty have more Amazing adventures with their calves to share with us! Between school, particularly end of semester finals, and their growing responsibilities to their calves, we don’t know how these two have time to eat!

Ty’s Amazing Update

We last left Ty and Mama with plans to make Bahama Mama, well, a real-life mama. Turns out she didn’t take to the first insemination and team baby Bahama Mama has already tried again. We should know in about a month whether or not round two was successful! Mama joined in on the Houston Livestock and Rodeo, placing 8th in her class. Ty is pleased with her progress, but is concerned about her lack of weight gain. TY is working with his breeder to help Mama feel comfortable. Ty’s breeder, Mr. Kaminski, gave Mama a baby Angus heifer companion so she wouldn’t be so lonely in the school bar. This baby calf, whose mother has sadly passed away, is now Mama’s best friend. The baby calf, now affectionately called “BB”, goes where ever Mama goes and has been a source of comfort for our favorite Mama. Looks like she’s getting some good practice in!  Ty continues to be busy as a bee! Up next is choosing which of his lambs to show at the Katy ISD show; it sounds like he’s got a few Amazing options and we know they’ll do well!


Skye’s Amazing Update

Skye and Daisy will be participating in a variety of shows in the upcoming months. Skye is thrilled to see how well Daisy has progressed and the potential she has.  It’s hard to believe how much they have accomplished together in the past six months. Daisy is ready to show the competitions who is boss and we’re ready to see what Amazing things she does at her next show!

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