Room-by-Room Organization: The Bathroom

Organize Bathroom

Next up in our series…the bathroom! This is a room that often doesn’t get enough credit. It’s likely one of the first places you see in the morning when you wake up and the last place you go before bed. Organization and flow of this space can play a BIG part in your daily routine and set the stage for a good day or a great night’s sleep! That’s why we’re spending a little time offering some of our favorite organization tips for your bathroom!


Utilize the space properly—There’s often a lot of bathroom spaces that go un-used! Did you know that the space behind the toilet it prime real estate for organization?  A simple space saver that is easy on the budget is this storage rack from Amazon. Looking for something that mounts directly to the wall and looks more like a piece of furniture but is fully functional? Check out this Wood and Wire Cubbies from Pottery Barn. Using this space to store essentials frees up limited cabinet space and clears your counter!


Use space-saving storage baskets—If you’re struggling to find the room to store your linens and towels, incorporate them in your bathroom design through using oversized storage baskets like THIS! Easily access towels and washcloths while also saving space and creating a spa-like oasis!


Use those corners—Every ounce of space counts, even the corners! Use corner shelves like THESE to store extra toilet paper(for the practical thinker!) or spice up your decorating with some nice, scented candles.


Use drawer dividers—Bathroom drawers tend to be the “catch-all” for everything from hair products and toothpaste, to Band-Aids and ointment. Creating an organized space will help you be more efficient during your morning routine and keep everything from moving around when you open and close the drawers! Check out THIS adjustable drawer organizer option!


Mason jars—This is a cost-effective storage hack that will help you stay organized while also maintaining a cute design! Mount jars onto the wall to house cotton balls, toothbrushes, and makeup brushes. THIS mason jar wall caddy frees up your much-needed counter space and creates an efficient and organized area! Feeling creative? Try THIS DIY mason jar organizer and you’ll appreciate your hard work each and every day!


These are just a few of our favorite bathroom storage hacks and we hope they inspire you to organize your bathroom space today! Looking to go the extra mile? Update your décor simply and on a budget by changing the shower curtain out for something new and swapping your old towels and washcloths for a new color scheme!

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