Room-by-Room Organization: The Kitchen!

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Drumroll please…the room-by-room organization series is finally here, and you’re here for it! We’re starting with one of the most popular and favorite rooms in the home: the kitchen. The gathering place that often lends itself to the most traffic and love but as a result sometimes becomes the “catch all” space for all the things! We’re offering some practical tips that you can implement easily today and start your journey towards a more organized space!


Toss those containers—We’re all guilty of hoarding countless numbers of Tupperware containers, even though we’re not sure where the matching lids have run off to! One of the first steps towards getting organized is purging out old items that you’re either not using anymore or that are stained and worn. This will help organically make more room and as a result make your job of getting organized, even easier!


Clean before organizing—The first step towards creating a more functional kitchen is emptying everything out of the cabinets and off the counters and creating a fresh and clean surface! This includes cleaning out the fridge which should be done at least once a week, if not more! Check out this helpful guide all about organizing your refrigerator!


Group items together—Creating a new flow for your kitchen will help you determine the best place for each item or group of items to live! For example, have a portion of the kitchen dedicated to all of your baking items, while another area is strictly for pots and pans. This can carry over to the pantry as well. When purging the pantry, be sure to sort through and throw away out dated items and group the remaining food by category so it’s easy to find while cooking!


Get creative—The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity in kitchen organization. Low on space and on a limited budget? There’s still lots of options! One idea is to re-purpose an over the door shoe organizer and divide pantry items by pocket! This saves space and is cost effective! Another idea is to create a working wall space behind your stove to hang items like spatulas and whisks on decorative hooks for easy access. This clears up cabinet and counter space and is totally functional and convenient!


Create stations—Does your kitchen counter or island tend to be the “catch all” for family essentials? Create designated stations and stick to your guns! Having a space where the kids can place their lunch boxes or backpacks after school gives them a “go to” spot so they’re not just throwing it on the counter when they get home. The same goes for the adults! Have a station in your home where you set your purse or keys after you arrive home. These stations also come in handy when you’re in a rush to leave the house and looking for items, like your keys!


These are just a few practical tips that we help encourage you on your journey towards a more organized and efficient space! Organized daily living is not only great for your convenience sake, but, also for your mental health and focus! Take time today to implement even just one of these tips, you won’t regret it, we promise! Happy organizing your amazing space!

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