Moving According to The Cat

If you’ve ever moved with pets, you know how comical/stressful/difficult it can be. I decided to share with y’all the roller coaster of emotions that my two cats, Sammie and Chester, encountered during our latest move from Katy, Texas to the Inner Loop area of Houston.

the..beginning..happinessMy cats are typical cats. They like to eat, sleep and snuggle on their own time.  Aside from the infrequent lack of food scares (you know, when the bowl gets down to half full), I’d say they’re pretty happy.  They tend to do their own things most of the time, you know, cat stuff.

Unlike many cats out there, my cats have moved 7 times in their lives.  They’re from Central Illinois, but they’ve lived in Northern Illinois, Seattle, Buffalo, and Houston. They’ve moved in cars and on airplanes.

I’m fairly certain my cats are now aware of the warnings signs of an impending move.  Their cat spider senses start to tingle.   Once this happens, my cats go through what I like to call the Five Frantic Feline Phases of Moving.

Phase One: Boxes

cat-moving-boxesSammie: Who cares about that super deluxe kitty playhouse you got me? These boxes are soooo much cooler!

Chester: Woo! Boxes!


Phase Two: Getting Nervous

moving-with-catsSammie: It may be time again. I saw the cat prison units! And they’re starting to put things in our precious boxes.

Chester:  This can only mean one thing…I shall prepare.


Phase Three: Empty Apartment

Umm. Excuse me.. where did you put my boxes? empty-apatment  cat sliding on floor

Phase Four: PANIC

panicChester: LET. ME. OUT. NOW.

Sammie: I guess this is .. the end…


Phase Five: Hide

I actually couldn’t get any pictures of my cats in our new apartment.  They’re seriously hiding, but knowing my 20 pound cats, they’re probably hiding some place like these:

cat hiding  cat-in-bag1

Have you ever moved with pets?  Did you notice your animal go through similar stages? Comment below!

2 Responses to “Moving According to The Cat”

  1. Pattie rayphole
    August 22, 2015 at 4:22 am

    These poor cats!

    • amazingspaces
      August 24, 2015 at 1:26 pm

      Yes, they’ve been through a lot! They’re troopers!


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