Organizing Your Garage

When was the last time that you took a good review of your garage? Is it starting to look a bit cluttered and disorganized? Are you worried that your car might not be able to fit in it’s space much longer?

During moments of cleaning/organizing your home, it seems like the garage is the best place to stash those odd items that you don’t need right now but also don’t want to throw away or donate. Your garage ends up holding all kinds of things from boxes, bikes, toys, tools, yard equipment, sports equipment, auto care products, and more. Pretty soon your garage is packed full of stuff and you’re overwhelmed with the idea of even trying to organize it.

Now that the weather is cooling down it’s the perfect time to tackle that garage. We’ve compiled a few tips for getting your garage back in shape and better than it has ever been before!

Step 1: Clear Clutter– Throw out all the junk and clutter in your garage that has accumulated over time. These are items that have been in a sort of limbo, not in shape to donate but something you think you might use one day… maybe… perhaps.

Step 2: Make a Plan– After you clean out the clutter, you should develop a plan for what you would like to do with this area of your home. Try thinking of each area as a zone and drawing out a plan to label each zone.

Step 3: Organize Your Items– Organize the items you’ve decided should stay in your garage according to the zones you’ve designated in step 2. Move each item to it’s designated zone and evaluate to ensure the items work in that area.

Step 4- Consider Storage Solutions– Things like hooks and pegs, wall shelves, storage cabinets, etc. can make a huge difference in the way your garage looks and how easy it is to find something in your garage. Also, if you find that you still have a lot of items that don’t fit anywhere but you still don’t want to throw them away, we’ve got you covered. Consider self-storage for those items and simply pull them out when you need them!


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