Spring Cleaning Tips – Items You Should Keep

A lot of people are catching the spring cleaning bug a little early this year. If your main goal is to minimize clutter and do away with unnecessary items, it’s important to remember to not get so caught up on getting rid of things you don’t use that you toss priceless items or collectibles. Below are some items to consider keeping when you’re sorting through your home:

Tax Returns

You can toss personal items after three years and business items after six years. Until then, if you have any current tax documents, you should file them in a secure place.

Home Improvement Records

These will come in handy if you plan on selling your home in the future and want to show the buyer what you’ve invested. You can always scan these and save onto your computer to do away with excess paper in your home.

Family Photos

You may want to set aside time to organize these into albums or picture frames but you definitely don’t want to throw them out. You never know when you’ll want to reminisce or share these photos with a younger generation!

Family Heirlooms

Same as the family photos, you’ll want to save things in this category for sure.

Classic Clothing Items

If you own a staple go-to dress that fits just right or good winter coat that is the perfect color/style it might be best to store it rather than donate.

Collector’s Items

Toys, games, electronics, etc. that will be or already are worth money is something you will have to do a little research on to ensure that you’re not just holding onto more clutter.

Tip: When de-cluttering, set aside one box for trash/recycling and another box for donations of gently used items that are still in good condition!

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