Ways to Relax While Moving

We’ve all know moving is stressful, which is why we came up with a few different ways to relax while moving.  Moving from one home to another encompasses the epitome of personal chaos and change.  This is especially true if you are living with OCD or anxiety.  The most important thing anyone can do is to first recognize that moving will increase the level of stress and anxiety in your life. Unfortunately, it is inevitable, as anything that throws you off your normal routine can do this.  Moving just happens to be a biggie.  This summer marks the seventh time I’ve moved since 2011. It is awful, but at the corner of every move, I know I’m moving onto a bigger and better adventure. I’ve found ways to take the edge off moving. Hopefully these tips will help you keep calm and relax on your next move.

1.Research, Plan, Schedule, Execute!

    • The most important step is to get your ducks in a row so you’re not scrambling to get out of your home or apartment.  Find a mover you trust (the mover will make or break your move, believe me).  Book your mover well in advance.  Try to plan for the early morning, to help avoid the Houston heat.
    • If you plan on packing items yourself, make sure to get as much packed as possible beforehand. You don’t want to be scrambling when the movers are there. Buy boxes ahead of time.  Start putting items in boxes around a month before the move. Taking it piece by piece will make it easier on you in the long run.
    • Need storage? Don’t always trust the mover’s storage. You won’t have access to any of the items until you move to your house. If you need a unit, just remember to look for VAST – individual Ventilation, Alarms on all units, Security cameras, and the latest Technology.  Without a VAST property, your items won’t be secure.
    •  If you need to, book hotels at least a month in advance (while moving is expensive, don’t skimp here, as you will need a place to relax and unwind).
    • If you’re moving out of state, plan a few fun activities to stop at along the way. Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy your journey to your new home!

2. Two Weeks leading up to your move, leave space for some “me time”. One of the things many people forget about a move is that you rarely have time for yourself, by yourself.  Treat yourself beforehand.

3.Work smarter, not harder.

    • Moving is hard enough. Do what you can to make it easier. Buy a cart to help load items if you’re doing it yourself. Anything to improve the process. It will pay off.
    • Invest in your boxes and utilize different specialty boxes to make life easier. Dish box for your dishes, wardrobe box for your wardrobe. It’ll help keep your items secure, move easier, and make unpacking a heck of a lot better

4.Digitize your move.  Compile your moving documents into a digital format. You’ll save a lot of headaches by being able to access items on your phone, rather than searching everywhere for papers. 

5.Pack a relaxing Open First Box

    • This is so important. Every time my husband and I move, we have a bottle of wine ready to open up in our new place.  This requires the use of a wine opener, which in our first two moves we ended up having to go buy new ones because we weren’t so smart. Here’s are my KEY items in my open first box (yours may be different)
      • Wine Opener
      • Candle
      • Lighter
      • TV remote
      • Cables for TV
      • Wireless Router and Modem
    • Within that box, I have everything I need to get started jamming out and unpacking my new home.  It makes unpacking almost fun and helps me relax into my new home.

How to Relax While Moving

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