Organization & Moving Tips

Post-Christmas Organization

We hope you had the most Amazing Christmas this year. One of my resolutions for 2018 is to be more organized.  As 2017 comes to a close, I decided now is the perfect time to get a jump start on my goal. While I absolutely adore decorating my home... Continue reading

Declutter Tips to Improve the Safety and Wellbeing of Seniors

Decluttering is not a new concept, but the benefits of removing unwanted things from any living space is beginning to get more recognition. It creates a clean and neat environment, improves safety, reduces stress and enhances mental well being. Whether your elderly parents are coming to live with you... Continue reading

Your Amazing 2017 Christmas Shipping Guide

Christmas falls on a Monday this year, making last minute Christmas shipping gifts and surprises a bit tricky. In the United States, we have three main companies to use to ship items: USPS, UPS, and FedEx.  These three organizations have several different shipping speed options for you to utilize. ... Continue reading

17 Ways To Make A Fantastic Impression When Home Staging

Selling your home can be a challenge. Prospective buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in their new home. Beyond the emotional connection you want prospective buyers to make, research shows that well-staged homes sell quicker and for more money than homes that have not been appropriately modeled.... Continue reading

Moving Day Sweet Treats – 12 Yummy & Easy Things To Make & Eat

Moving can be a difficult and stressful time. As you pack up your home and transfer your belongings to a new place, there are many things to take care of. Organizing is essential to making your move as smooth and as stress-free as possible. By having a plan, you... Continue reading

How to Start Getting Organized for the Holidays

Does the thought of getting organized for the holidays scare you more than anything?  Do you look around your house and feel overwhelmed at the enormity of the project?  What if I told you that as of today, 10/23/2017, we have 9 weeks until Christmas and only four weeks until... Continue reading

8 Home Design Tips to Help You Start Designing Your New Home

My husband and I are getting ready to buy our first home together, so of course, I’ve been researching the best way to start designing your new home.  I’m so excited to find a place we can make our own. We can paint it the way we want. If... Continue reading

How To Treat Your Movers – Tips For The Best Experience

Moving with Professional Movers: Tips and Tricks to a Happy Moving Day As the big moving day approaches, it’s natural to feel a little anxious about your move. However, your moving day can be a positive experience with a little preparation and some useful day-of tips! Before Your Movers... Continue reading

What are the best ways to recycle electronics?

Whether you are trying to reinvent your amazing space, unclutter an old garage, downsize your home, or move overseas, sometimes you just need a good way to get rid of old electronics. Notoriously one of the most difficult things to recycle, electronics can now be “up cycled”–overhauled for a... Continue reading

The Best Ways To Declutter Your Home & Business

How to Organize By Eliminating Clutter at Home and Work Any home or business can become unorganized and cluttered which can lead to an overwhelming sense of frustration. It seems as though clutter builds up overnight and produces a messy environment that can compromise peace of mind for families... Continue reading