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Bubble Wrapping Large Roll – 3/16″ Cushion for Small Items


The small 3/16″ size cushion is perfect for protecting the intricate details of smaller, more delicate items. The dependable cushion support provides protection as items are moved from point A to point B. This large roll of bubble wrapping features 300 feet of protective, air-filled bubbles, perforated every 12 inches. Designed for wrapping smaller, more delicate items, this bubble wrapping is perfect for protecting glassware, travel mementos, small décor, ceramic items, dishware, and even holiday decorations. This bubble wrapping may also be used to fill boxes and secure items in their place while moving or shipping.

Do you need to protect larger items? Our other large roll of protective bubble wrapping, Bubble Wrapping Large Roll – 1/2″ Cushion for Large Items, is perfect for protecting items like sculptures and painting.


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