Moving Tips

Follow-Up with Megan: Settling Into a New Home

Back in June, we had the privilege of speaking with first-time home buyer and A-team member, Megan Gilbert. We learned more about her experience buying a home during the peak of a pandemic. Her practical insight and flexibility to adapt her wish list left us eager for an update!... Continue reading

Moving Out During a Pandemic? No Problem!

It may feel a bit overwhelming to try to pack up all of your belongings and move into a completely new space during a global crisis. We recognize that you already have enough on your plate right now, so we’ve compiled a step-by-step list for everything you need to... Continue reading

Settling in to a New Neighborhood

With all of the busyness and logistics of moving, it’s easy to forget the importance of getting plugged in to your new neighborhood! Once you’ve unpacked a few boxes and it starts to feel like home, there’s nothing more welcoming than a neighbor showing up with cookies or extending... Continue reading

Staging Your Home to Sell

The real estate market is also seeing an uptick in homes being listed for sale. Perhaps you’re among the many homeowners who have held off on listing until now and you may also be wondering how you can get the most for your home. One of the best and... Continue reading

Real estate: Spring market analysis–your guide to buying and selling

Historically, the spring real estate market starts in April. However, the times are changing! The housing market is so hot right now, that the official “spring” market actually started in January! According to, in 2019, January was the busiest month on the site in 20 of the largest... Continue reading

Moving During COVID-19

Moving has taken on a whole new meaning lately, given the COVID-19 outbreak. Perhaps you’re scheduled to move or planning to move in the coming weeks, but not sure how to navigate this new terrain. We’ve put together some FAQ’s and answers to help guide you! NOTE: These are... Continue reading

Houston Neighborhood Spotlight: The Heights

Houston Heights is just Northwest of Downtown and is a distinct area full of beautiful, charming and historic neighborhoods dating back as far as the late 1800’s. Given the delightful architecture, rich arts culture, streets lined with eclectic shops, a full events calendar, and delicious foodie destinations, this is a... Continue reading

How to Protect Your Floors During a Move

When people are moving homes, it’s easy to forget about the floors. They’re staying put, after all, whether you’re moving in or moving out. The problem, however, is that floors are very easy to damage during the moving process. Hardwood floors and carpets are especially susceptible to damage from... Continue reading

What to Expect on Moving Day

  Rise and shine! It’s moving day! Your boxes are fully packed, your china is bubble wrapped, and a full day is ahead of you before you move to your next amazing space! Here’s some things to keep in mind as you begin your big day: Mentally prepare—No matter... Continue reading

Allow us to take the hassle out of your next move with our efficient box options!

Packing up and moving to a new amazing space? If you need help boxing up those unique items like a flat screen TV, a tall lamp, or your golf clubs, we’ve got you covered! Our fully stocked moving supplies make the entire process that much easier for you! Dishes... Continue reading