Top 5 tips on how to stay sane during a move!

How to stay sane during a move | Top 5 tips on how to stay sane during a move! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

It’s no secret—moves can be stressful and finding ways to relax while moving can seem impossible! Between the arrangements and details, the packing, cleaning, sorting, and planning, it’s no easy feat. However, we’re here to help with our top five tips on how to stay sane during a move!

  1. Be prepared— We’ve all heard the saying “be prepared”, but, what does it actuallymean? Some simple and effective steps to getting prepared for your move include: 1.) Keeping a notebook with all of your contacts, to-do lists, and thoughts or ideas in one place. You can reference this throughout the process and easily access information. 2.) Make detailed to-do lists. Start 8 weeks out and count down, moving through each task on your list with each passing week. You can see our Ultimate Moving Checklist, here!
  • Keep and create routines—What do you currently do to de-stress? Whether it’s yoga, meditation, cooking, going for a walk, or time with family, KEEP DOING IT! A lot of times our routine sense of normalcy gets lost in the shuffle during a move and that’s often the only thing that keeps us going. If you’re moving somewhere new and you’re near a beautiful park or neighborhood, make a new routine and go for an evening walk each night. Even just a half hour a day to yourself can make all the difference!
  • Give back during your move—As you’re sorting through your things and making donation, trash and keep piles, be sure to consider most of your items as a donation. Even if it is more convenient to just put something out by the curb, it forfeits a huge sense of satisfaction in giving to others in need. Whether you donate to your local Goodwill or contact a church and ask for a list of families in need, giving back can be a really special time that automatically puts you in a better mood!
  • Listen to music while packing—The right tunes can make all the difference! Create your very own packing playlist. Is Beyoncé your jam? How about a little Florida Georgia Line? Whatever it may be, crank up the tunes that make you feel good and in no time you’ll catch yourself singing and dancing along to the beat, making your tasks all the less daunting.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help—The saying, “It takes an army” is just as applicable to moving as it is to raising your family! Call on family and friends to help you pack, unpack, transport items, decorate your space, watch your children, make you meals or even just spend some quality time with you! All of these things are beneficial for your mental health and help decrease your stress level.

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