Amazing Spaces Referral Program

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting a storage facility to look like this!”.  A typical comment from the many visitors each of our beautiful properties receive.  We love hearing how Amazed people are whenever they visit one of our stores.  It makes us feel good.  However, one of the biggest compliments anyone can pay to us is referring someone they know and care about to Amazing Spaces.  A referral says a lot to us.  It lets us know that you like what we have to offer and you want others to Discover the Amazing Difference.

We have created the “Be an Amazing BFF” referral program to serve as a thank you to our customers that refer their friends, families, and acquaintances to our properties. If you refer someone to Amazing Spaces, we would like to give you and your referral a $25 gift card to Pappas Restaurants. It’s just a way for us to say “thank you for being Amazing”.

If you have any questions about the Be an Amazing BFF referal program, please contact any one of our properties!