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Watch our video about the difference between climate controlled vs non-climate controlled storage and how to determine which is right for you!

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

The heat and humidity of Texas does not provide the optimal storage environment for most items put into storage. That’s why we usually recommend our clients consider a climate controlled storage options. Climate Controlled storage offers the optimal storage environment for items coming out of a home, long-term stored items (more than 2 months), electronics, antiques, books or paper products, cloth furniture, and wood furniture.

Amazing Spaces’ climate controlled self storage is kept at a constant temperature between 60 and 78 degrees year-round by using air conditioning or heating, depending on the time of the year. Each storage space has an individual air duct to ensure the unit is maintained at the correct temperature.

Discover the Amazing difference in Climate Controlled Storage at Amazing Spaces

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Independent Ventilation System in Every Space

All of our climate controlled spaces have an independent air duct that goes inside the space. This means that your space receives its own climate controlling, which encourages an optimal storage environment. This seemingly simple element is crucial to ensure your space actually receives full climate controlling.

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What items should you put in climate controlled spaces?

Most items you put in for long-term storage or items from your house will be best stored in a climate controlled space. If the item, like wood furniture or electronics, is impacted by moisture at all, it is very important to store it in a climate controlled environment.  We offer a variety of tips and tricks for storing items in climate controlled spaces on our blog.

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Sealed Floors to Minimize Dust and Dirt

All of the floors on our spaces are expertly sealed to ensure you are storing in the cleanest environment possible. By sealing the concrete, we add an impermeable layer to the floors of all our spaces. Our high-quality sealers block moisture from collecting in the pores of the concrete and also act a line of defense on dust and dirt. This method helps ensure your items are stored in the safest and cleanest environment.

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Indoor Spaces with Monitored Alarms and Daily Checks

All of our climate controlled spaces are located indoors, away from elements. Our team checks locks and sweeps the hallway of all of our climate controlled areas daily. This helps ensure we continue to provide you with the best storage environment, day in and day out. We also perform monthly pest control to keep unwanted elements out.

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A variety of sizes to meet your needs

Each of our Amazing Spaces locations has a large number of climate controlled spaces available. From 5×5 locker spaces for small items to 10×30 large spaces for an entire household, we’re sure to have the climatized space to meet your needs.  Not sure what size you need? Learn about all of our available space sizes and options and take our  fun “What Size is Right for You” self storage quiz.

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Automatic Lighting, Music, and Ambiance to Make You Feel at Home

We take pride in providing you with the most remarkable storage experience possible. That is why we have made our climate controlled hallways look and feel as Amazing as possible. The second you walk into one of our climatized areas, the lights kick on automatically. The entire floor is bright, clean, and feels safe. We have windows at the ends of all hallways to add in natural light. We also play music in our hallways. It’s all part of our Amazing difference.

Interested in Non Climate Controlled Storage?

Non climate storage is just like a garage. All items currently stored in a garage or attic can be stored inside a non climate space. All of our non climate storage spaces have sealed and painted floors and insulated ceilings. We recommend that all items stored in non climate storage units be covered with non-plastic coverings such as paper pads or bed sheets. Visit our Box Shop for a wide variety of moving supplies.  If you decide to use plastic, we recommend leaving the bottom partially exposed to prevent moisture build up under the plastic. We also recommend using a Damp Rid type product to help reduce the humidity levels in the space, especially when storing furniture.

If you’re not quite certain as to what type of storage space you need, call one of our associates for more information, they will be happy to assist you in making your decision for self storage in Houston an easy one.