Premium Wine Storage Vaults

At Amazing Spaces, we understand the wine storage industry.

Each wine storage vault is designed by a team of wine consultants, temperature specialists, and security experts to meet the highest standard for wine preservation.

Luxury Wine Storage Facility in Houston, The Woodlands, and Surrounding Areas

Amazing Spaces is proud to offer individual wine storage units in Houston, Spring, The Woodlands and surrounding communities. For generations, wine connoisseurs have been in search of ways to perfect the wine aging process. Amazing Spaces expertly designed wine storage vaults feature the latest technology to promote a superior wine storage environment. You may rest easy knowing your wine will be aged in the exact conditions recommended by experts, nurturing an amazing tasting wine in the years to come. To top it off, Amazing Spaces wine storage vault areas are backed up by generators. Your wine will stay secure in an ideal environment, despite any weather emergencies or power outages.

Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the perfect wine vault for your needs and continue to assist you throughout your stay with us. Collectors, restaurateurs, and individuals alike, Amazing Spaces can take care of all your wine storage needs for the years and vintages to come!

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  • Keypad Entry with Limited Access
  • Color Camera Recording System
  • Temperature Maintained Approximately 55°F
  • Humidity Maintained Between 50 and 70 percent
  • Dual Cooling System
  • 9 Different Wine Vault Unit Sizes
  • Wine Deliveries Accepted

* Some features vary depending on location. Contact your Amazing Spaces wine storage location for more details.

Wine Storage Sizes

All of our wine vaults are based on case sizes (except for our two largest units). For example, a 4 case vault will hold 4 cases of wine, provided they are in their original boxes or crates. Placing shelving in the storage space may reduce the number of cases that can be accommodated.  Wine vaults are listed below by dimensions.

wine storage at Amazing Spaces

Vault Sizes

  • 4 Case – 24″ x 24″ x 20″
  • 7 Case – 25’x 29″x 34″ | 29″x 29″x 31″
  • 12 Case – 24″x 29″x 33″
  • 10 Case – 24″ x 36″ x 20″
  • 14 Case – 25″x 29″x 48 | 30″x 30″x 51″
  • 18 Case – 24″x 29″x 48″
  • 20 Case – 24″ x 36″ x 40″
  • 24 Case – 25″x 29″x 64 | 24″x 29″x 66″ | 27″x 28″x 67″
  • 36 Case – 24″ x 36″ x 66″
  • 48 Case – 24″ x 36″ x 88″
  • 5’x5′ x 9′
  • 5’x7.5′ x 9′
  • 5’x10′ x 9′

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* Wine storage availability and dimensions vary by location. Please contact your wine storage location for specifics.

FAQ About Amazing Spaces Wine Storage

How do I ship wine to my wine storage unit?

Shipping wine directly to your secured wine vault is as easy as it is amazing! Simply set the delivery address of your shipment to your Amazing Spaces property, including your name and storage vault number on the shipping address. The delivery company will secure your wine in your wine storage vault and a member of our team will notify you upon its arrival. It’s that simple!

What is the ideal temperature to store wine?

Wine experts suggest the ideal temperature to store wine is around 55°F. Amazing Spaces maintains all wine storage vault areas at approximately 55°F and also sustains humidity levels between 50 and 70 percent. Controlling both temperature and humidity levels help ensure your wine has the time to age and mature in the best possible manner.

How does humidity impact the wine aging process?

The humidity of the environment in which wine is stored can make or break the wine aging process. Storing wine in a cool space without controlling the humidity can threaten the composition of the wine’s cork because it tends to dry it out. When corks begin to dry, oxygen enters the bottle and the wine is spoiled by oxidation. If the wine is stored in an extremely humid environment (think Houston’s climate), the cork may become overly saturated with water, leading to degradation of the wine cork and label, as well as potentially encouraging mold growth. Most wine experts recommend storing wine in humidity levels between 50 and 70 percent. Thus, to ensure your wine ages in the most ideal environment, Amazing Spaces maintains its wine vaults at the preferred industry standard of 50 to 70 percent.

How does temperature impact the way a wine ages?

The temperature wine is stored is a crucial element in controlling the wine aging process. Wines are composed of amino acids, phenols, carbohydrates, and other chemical components. The wine aging process is a delicate, but complex, chemical reaction that is significantly impacted by external factors, the most important being temperature and humidity. While the rules on what temperature to store your wine may differ among wine types, the number one rule is to keep it cool. A cooler environment will slow the aging process, increasing the potential for the wine to develop a complex and aromatic bouquet.

Can you store wine in a regular climate controlled storage unit?

Amazing Spaces does not recommend storing wine in a regular storage unit. Storing wine in a standard self-storage space is risky, especially when the wine is meant to be stored for several years. Amazing Spaces climate controlled storage units are kept between 60 and 78 degrees year-round. As outlined above, the ideal temperature to store wine is around 55°F. Moreover, climate controlling tends to lead to a lower humidity level.

How long can you store wine in a wine storage unit?

Because of our temperature and humidity control standards, our wine storage vaults are designed for you to store your wine for the long haul, years in fact.