How to Maximize Your Storage Unit Space

Maximizing your storage unit space at your storage facility isn’t as difficult as you might think it is; all you have to do is follow a few simple rules. Here are a few ways you can maximize space and make your storage unit as useful as possible. Save Time... Continue reading

How to Store Outdoor Furniture During the Winter Months

This past summer we spent a lot of time in our own backyard creating our very own outdoor oasis, inspired with all the Joanna Gaines touches! Now, as the seasons change and it’s a bit cooler outside, it may be time to put away the patio furniture and break... Continue reading

How to Store Leather Furniture in a Storage Unit

  Today, we’re talking about a popular topic that we often get questions about from our customers! How to store your quality leather furniture in a storage unit and ensure it stays good as new. Select a climate controlled unit If you’re intending on storing your leather furniture for... Continue reading

5 Things Your RV Storage Needs

As we fade into the colder months, it’s time to plan how you’re going to store your RV. Picking a proper storage facility for such a valuable extension of your home is very important! No matter how long you plan on storing your RV, here are the five most... Continue reading

How to Select a Storage Unit Remotely & Without Seeing it First

Shopping for a storage unit remotely is a common practice, especially when moving across states and during uncertain times like this. However, it’s equally important that you find the right fit for you and your needs even from a distance away. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide... Continue reading

Last Minute Amazing Gifts to Ship to your Storage Space

It’s just days before Christmas and with all the joy and excitement, comes anticipation for those packages you are awaiting to arrive just in time! We love making the holidays oh so much easier by offering package shipment straight to your storage unit! Not home during the day to... Continue reading

Thanksgiving Storage Hacks

Looking to make your Thanksgiving as organized as possible this year? These six storage hacks, will save you time and most importantly, space! Use your large cooler—During the holidays fridge space becomes the hottest real estate in the house! Make more room by emptying your fridge of condiments and... Continue reading

Long Term Storage Tips

We provide amazing spaces for people to store their items on a short-term and long-term basis! Often times, individuals will arrive at our location anticipating short-term storage and will quickly feel that Amazing Spaces is truly such an extension of their home that they cozy-in for the long-run (and... Continue reading

Safety in your storage space – how to pack and stack to maximize safety

When you’re packing or rearranging your storage unit, it’s important to ensure you’re safe and secure. If items are stacked incorrectly, it increases the risk of items falling and causing both minor and serious injuries. That’s why we have compiled some helpful tips on packing and stacking to maximize... Continue reading

Best practice tips for storing bulky items

We all have it—hard-to-store stuff! There’s some items that make it extra tricky to keep in a convenient spot and often times we’re left feeling overwhelmed with all that stuff we own! The good news is that there’s lots of creative storage ideas that will make your life that... Continue reading