Checklist for Storing Christmas

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Putting Christmas Away: Your Official Checklist!

’Twas the month after Christmas and here you stand, decorations, ornaments and garland in hand…

Nothing quite says post-holiday blues, like the task of putting away all of the holly-jolly decorations! While you may be longing for more space and less “clutter”, your cherished Christmas décor has truly brought the magic of Christmas to life and that’s not something anyone wants to bring to an end. However, the time has come and the job must be done! The good news is, if you’re strategic about storing your decorations this year, assembling them next year will be all that much easier (and fun!) We’ve got your back, with the official checklist—check it out!

  • Designate a storage space—Having one, special spot just for your holiday/Christmas decorations, certainly makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. Whether you utilize boxes, storage bins, or rolling racks, find a spot that’s out of the way and perfect for your needs. After all, you’ll need to use this space 10+ months out of the year! Don’t have a spot at home? We can help…store your holiday décor at Amazing Spaces! Call today, we’re committed to finding the best option for you: 281-378-4343.
  • Storing the Christmas tree—Do you constantly struggle with lugging your tree up and down the stairs, to store it in the corner of the attic or basement? How about storing it upright on the same floor that you use it and being able to roll it out each season? The Tree Keeper offers a wide variety of bags allowing for upright storage, conveniently in an adjacent closet, spare room, or garage. (Better yet, store it upright at Amazing Spaces!)
  • Storing the lights—We’ve all been there…you just want to get everything put away as quickly as possible, so you just throw all the light strands into a bin, never to be seen again until next year, when you realize the mess! Save yourself the hassle this year and take the time to check your lights. Dispose of any that aren’t working and replace bulbs as needed. Go the extra mile, by wrapping the lights either around anything you have on hand—cardboard or even a hanger. If you’d like to purchase something for the long-term, THIS Christmas lights bag, is a great solution!
  • Storing ornaments and wreaths—Preserve your cherished family ornaments in a safe and convenient way.  One of the easiest way to store your ornaments is to utilize one of our Amazing glass packing kits, which easily slips into a small box.  When it comes to wreaths, they’re often difficult to store, given their odd shape. A wreath storage bag is the best option to keep your wreath safe from getting damaged or dusty. They come in a variety of sizes and options to best fit your wreath.
  • Store your decorations accordingly—By grouping your decorations together, it’ll make it easier for when you set them up next Christmas. For instance, all of the initial items you usually display at the beginning of the holiday season could be in “Box 1 – Seasonal Items – November” grouped together, while all the items for the mantle or holiday tablescape could be grouped together in another labeled box.
  • Label your boxes—First, make a detailed inventory on the outside of the boxes and number the boxes so you know how many you have (ex: 1/5), numbering the boxes helps you know which to unpack first, next year. Another fun idea is to use red and green storage bins so they’re easy to identify as Christmas boxes.

You can still keep your home looking cozy all winter long, by displaying small items for a few more months. Lighted garland on the mantle, decorative placemats at the table, and plaid fuzzy blankets and throw pillows are just a few ways to keep things inviting and AMAZING in your space.



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  1. Stephen Hughes
    June 15, 2019 at 11:56 pm

    Amazing Spaces, your valuable storage tips and ideas are the best. After reading the information in this article, I’m thinking of ways to prepare in advance for storing our Christmas decorations next Christmas. I’ve never heard of storing a tree upright – that may keep it from getting damaged like it does when we stuff it into the box it came in. I’ve also never heard of a Christmas lights bag. It looks like it would be handy in preventing the lights from getting tangled and broken. The wreath storage bag looks like a great item, too. The glass packing kits and color-coded labels you offer for sale will work great for ornaments and boxes.


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