This Is Why Climate Controlled Storage Is An Excellent Idea


There are many reasons people benefit from using a storage facility. Many items may be affected by the level of heat and cold (not really an issue in our Amazing city of Houston, but you never know), as well as humidity in the climate where they’re located. It’s also possible for someone to have valuable items that could decrease in value if subjected to extreme temperatures. These are items such as coins, wine, artwork, certain musical instruments, and more. Individuals who own and want to put such items in storage will benefit from keeping them in a climate-controlled unit at a storage facility.

Extreme Temperature

The summer months in Houston bring very hot and humid weather. Temperatures and humidity reach levels that can damage items. This is the kind of weather that has been known to cause wooden furniture as well as antiques and more to warp, crack, or split. It can cause damage to books as well as business records and more. When stored in a climate controlled storage unit, a person doesn’t have to worry about their belongings experiencing damage because of extreme temperatures. They can feel comfortable knowing these items are in an environment where the temperature and humidity levels are properly maintained. This is especially true for items stored at Amazing Spaces property, as all climate controlled spaces are kept at a constant temperature between 60 and 78 degrees year-round.

Air Flow

A storage unit with climate control has good air quality as well as air flow. This means there will be a significant decrease in the amount of dust that could collect on items in the storage unit. The air flow will help eliminate any problems that could result from high humidity levels. The controlled air flow can also eliminate the chance for any mold or mildew to form. When shopping for storage, it’s important to verify if the space has an independent air duct flowing into the unit. This transfers the climate and humidity controlling directly onto the items being stored. At Amazing Spaces, all our climate controlled spaces have their own air duct. This is how you ensure your items (not just our hallways) are stored at the perfect temperature.

Climate Controlled StorageSome Common Items Really Benefit

A storage unit that is climate controlled is excellent for outdoor items as well as household items and more. There are certain things that really benefit from being stored in a climate controlled environment.
This includes bedding and mattresses as well as all types of clothing. Most types of sports equipment as well as metal appliances and tools. Books and paperwork won’t become yellow and worn. Wooden objects from furniture to statutes as well as picture frames remain in perfect condition. Instruments such as percussion, brass, strings, and woodwind are able to maintain their level of performance when kept in a storage unit that is climate controlled.


Individuals who collect wine know that changes in temperature can speed up a wine’s aging. This will result in wine that has a metallic, oxidized taste. Many people who collect wine have invested a lot of time and money into their collection. They don’t want to take any chance their wine could experience the bad effects of improper aging.  However, it is important to note that simply climate controlled storage is not sufficient for true wine collectors.  Amazing Spaces’ professionally designed wine storage spaces ensure your wine is stored in optimal conditions. Each wine storage unit was developed by a team of wine consultants, temperature specialists, and security experts to meet the highest standard for wine preservation. Learn more about wine storage.


Many people who have a special collection of coins find that having them in a storage unit that provides climate control is essential. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) advises its members that coin collections be kept at a constant temperature as well as humidity level. Should a coin collection be exposed to any type of extreme temperature or humidity it could experience the oxidation process. This could cause permanent damage to the coins in a collection. Silver and copper coins are very vulnerable to tarnishing as well as becoming very dark.

Climate Controlled StorageArtwork

Many artists like to store their work. They may have limited storage space where they create their art. There is always a concern of what could happen if their work is subject to the wrong temperature as well as humidity. This could cause items to fade, warp, stretch, and more. When this happens, the quality of their work could be lost. Artists are able to use a climate controlled unit to keep their work in an environment, but be careful the space is kept in constant temperatures, such as between 60 and 75 degrees.


One of the things that could quickly decrease the worth of a valuable stamp collection is heat and humidity. When a stamp collection is subject to unfavorable conditions, the stamps start to stick and curl. The ink on them can also be affected. The right temperature and humidity level can help a stamp collection maintain its value.

Peace Of Mind

To rent a unit with climate control will be a bit more expensive than other types of storage units. Many people can see the value in having peace of mind concerning the items they’ve placed in storage. They will not have to worry about how the weather or seasonal changes will affect their property. They’ll know their items are stored in an environment with the right temperature and humidity level.

Climate Controlled Storage

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    It sure got my attention when you said that the benefit of renting a climate controlled unit is the idea that we won’t have to worry about the weather fluctuations affecting our valuables. Considering where I live, my concern is the cold, so I need a storage unit that will keep my items warm. After all, the things that I plan on storing away are the things that my father left me before he passed away. Thank you for sharing.


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