First comes love, then come marriage, then comes…Storage?

Anybody else getting married and finding a need for storage?  I’ve found no matter who is involved with the marriage, storage is often needed.  My poor, sweet fiancé.  He’s put up with so many arguments about our stuff. I love my fiancé very much. I just don’t love all of his stuff.  The poster of Jessica Alba, the neon sign proclaiming “Happy Hour”, and his racecar just don’t seem to fit in our new life together. He could say the same thing about my posters from high school, my school yearbooks, stuff from my childhood, and various piles of furniture.

This is where self-storage has been a miracle worker.  Honestly, getting married is stressful enough. I am so glad I don’t have to worry about where to put his collection of beer bottles (I’m not kidding – one of his hobbies is brewing beer, so guess what he collects?).

Here’s an image of our actual storage unit (it’s much more full now):


Our actual unit at Amazing Spaces on Louetta Road. 

There’s RV units, boat units, the essential climate controlled units, and even wine storage at this storage property in Spring, Texas.  

Yes, that is a washer and dryer.  Stay tuned for a blog post on the necessity of climate control for such items!


Here’s what I’d say about getting storage because two people are getting married

Try to Compromise

This marriage is about a union between two people. One person cannot dominate the relationship. I learned a big lesson about compromise with my fiancé.  Our storage unit ended up having a mix of his and my stuff (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!).

Plan ahead

Make sure you keep track of the items you’re putting into the storage unit. Between wedding planning and the wedding gifts you receive, you’ll be hard pressed to remember what even went into the unit.  Take notes, make a list, and have a game plan for whatever you put into storage

Have registry items delivered to your storage unit

One of my favorite amenities of Amazing Spaces is the fact that your packages are accepted by the storage property staff on your behalf. These packages can actually be delivered directly to your unit!

This is particularly useful in my case because my fiancé and I will be moving before our wedding. Instead of having to worry about changing the address for all of our registries, we can send everything directly to Amazing Spaces!

Like many of you, when I looked for storage, I searched online, looked at pictures, and read reviews.  I ended up choosing Amazing Spaces because of the security and the incredible atmosphere.  I knew I’d feel comfortable visiting this particular storage property, even if I was by myself.  And most of y’all know the ending to that story – I liked my fiancé’s storage property so much that I decided to go work for them!  Funny how Amazing life can be!

Do you have a story about needing storage because you got married? Leave it in the comment box below!

Post By Kelsey

Kelsey is the Director of Marketing for Amazing Spaces. She’s been an A-Team member since August 2014.  She’s one of two people who are getting married at Amazing Spaces (wedding season is this fall!).  You can find Kelsey at the stores or the corporate office, telling a story about her cat, Samantha Jones. 

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