Genius Christmas Hack: Ship your items to us!

The holidays are around the corner and so are the endless supply of items and gifts you’ll be ordering for holiday preparations and loved ones near and far! We are so fortunate to live in a time where convenient shopping from the comfort of your own home, is the new normal.

We are pleased to make your holiday shopping and shipping even more convenient through our full-range of services. Did you know that we accept deliveries on behalf of our clients? To begin taking full advantage of this complimentary amenity, simply, start having your items shipped directly to your Amazing Spaces storage space!

Here are some great reasons why this will become your favorite holiday hack that will have you “jingling” all season long:

It’s more secure

When you ship your packages directly to your storage space, they’re safe and secure, rather than left outside on the doorstep of your home! Our AMAZING staff will greet your packages and safely deliver them to your storage space, while keeping them dry from any weather that might have impacted them on your porch.

It’s convenient

The holidays are sure to keep you busy, don’t let your holiday shipping do the same! We will conveniently receive packages for you, so that you don’t have to! Say farewell to planning your day around your package delivery and say hello to amazing convenience.

It helps keep your gifts a surprise

Do you have that one, large present being delivered that you don’t want the kids or your spouse seeing? Instead of crossing your fingers for an early delivery, before they get home from school or work, now, you can completely surprise them while knowing your gifts are secure.

It helps keep everything in one place

When you ship all your gifts to one place, you won’t find yourself scrambling for that gift you “hid”, but, now can’t remember where you put it! Keep an easy holiday inventory from the comfort of your personal storage space.

It saves space at home

You’ll no longer stress about where to store all your wrapped or unwrapped gifts when you ship them directly to us! Keep them out of sight and preserve your additional guest rooms for your visiting friends and family.

It allows for easy wrapping

Your Amazing Spaces family offers yet another great amenity to spread holiday cheer—Holiday Wrap Parties! During the month of December, all of the Amazing Spaces’ conference rooms will transform into Santa’s Workshop for the ultimate holiday wrapping party complete with paper, bows, gift wrapping supplies, Christmas music, treats and hot chocolate! Wrapping parties will officially be held on Wednesdays but paper and bows will be available everyday throughout the month of December. Ship your packages directly to your storage space and wrap conveniently on-site and invite some friends along for the fun!

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