Amazing & Fascinating Tech Advancements For Indoor Storage Units


In the past, self-storage could be rather simplistic. You would go to your location, insert a key into a lock, and viola. The door opens, and you have access to your things. Advancements have been made in self-storage technology in recent years, and the options are becoming more amazing and diverse.

Remote Management Applications

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You no longer have to wonder or have to guess if your valuables are safe in storage any longer. There are plenty of applications available on your phone that can work with systems like EasyCode and StorLogix to give you alerts about people coming and going from your storage unit. On an international scale, this feature is rather attractive as you might not have easy access to your stored items from another country.

Another feature these applications offer is maintaining information about your storage unit. Many people might forget their access codes and by having the application handy to help with remembering them it can be a useful and nice benefit. Some applications are working on remote access for unlocking and locking the storage unit. This aspect is crucial for situations where you might want someone to enter your storage unit while you’re away to have access to an item. It saves you from having to give out your code.

These applications can do more than just give people access to your storage unit remotely. They can also provide you alerts about other things, too. One of the alerts many of these applications provide are payment reminders to keep your rent on the unit current. Some applications are even offering a payment option built right into their programming.

Electronic Locks

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As alluded to previously, not all storage units are using padlocks and chains anymore to keep storage facilities secure. Electronic locks are being used more often for an added element of safety. Instead of placing locks on the outside of doors, these electronic locks go on the inside.

Models such as the SecurGuard work on a keypad system. You simply input a code onto a keypad outside of the door, and entry is only granted so long as you use the right code. There is another, added benefit to using this type of locking system. The people who monitor the storage facility can monitor the locks electronically as well. They can see if anyone tampers with a lock so they can quickly intervene if a problem occurs.

Wireless Alarms

Another feature that often comes with electronic locks is wireless alarms. These items are easily installed, and they add yet another layer of protection. If a door is tampered with, the alarm goes off. Therefore, if the lock is compromised, the alarm acts as a backup to make sure security is alerted promptly.

So many technologies are becoming available helping storage facilities everywhere. As technology continues to improve at a rapid rate, more safety precautions are going to be invented and perfected for the best storage experience possible.

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