Further organizing your storage unit!

Organize Storage Space

We’re so grateful for our loyal customers and we take pride in providing AMAZING storage facilities. We also want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible with an organized space that’s maximizing their square footage and keeping them efficient. Here’s some great tips to get organized today!

  • Create a plan—Sketching out how you’d like your storage unit to be organized is the first step. Whether you’re moving into a unit for the first time or already have one pre-existing, a layout will be helpful. Decide what items you’d like to have the most access to, what type of packaging you’ll be using for storage, and visualize your space.
  • Empty & clean—One of the easiest ways to get organized is by first emptying everything out of your storage unit. Once everything is removed, sort through your items and decide what things to keep, give away or dispose of. While everything is removed be sure to sweep and vacuum the floor and corners of the unit to eliminate any dust and dirt. Cleaning tip: Keep basic cleaning supplies at your storage space and each time you visit, do some light cleaning so you make your once-a-year “clean out” all that much easier!
  • Label—Labeling your storage packaging whether it be boxes or totes, helps you keep track of your belongings and allows for easier access. It’s as easy as taping a notecard to the outside of the box or numbering your boxes with a corresponding inventory sheet.
  • Store furniture properly—By dismantling furniture and storing it upright along the sides of the unit, you’ll gain much more space in the center. To protect the furniture, wrap it in moving blankets.
  • Use rubber totes—Rubber totes are certainly your best choice to preserve your items from any outside elements and damage. They’re also ideal to stack on top of one another, creating a very organized and intentional storage space.
  • Utilize shelving—Think of your storage space, as a closet and organize accordingly. Free standing storage shelving helps keep items off the floor and allows for easier access. Shelving can be used in conjunction with stacked totes or boxes to maximize space.
  • Use wardrobe boxes—If you’re storing clothing in your storage unit, be sure to use appropriate boxes to hang the clothing for proper ventilation.
  • Seal your boxes—Something as simple as sealing your boxes with mail tape, can make all the difference. This protects your items from dust and mildew and also helps the box keep its shape.

Overall, it pays to regularly tidy-up and organize your storage space! Make it a point a few times a year to sort through your items and re-evaluate what things may need a new home. In the very least, you could consolidate items by grouping them together in an organized system, this ensures each time you visit your unit you will have an AMAZING experience and find just what you’re looking for!














One Response to “Further organizing your storage unit!”

  1. Stephen Hughes
    June 12, 2019 at 11:38 pm

    I’m grateful Amazing Spaces designed the walkways and hallways wide enough to accommodate us when we reorganize our storage by pulling everything out. It’s a great idea to label boxes instead of having to open several boxes to see what’s inside. It helps me to find what I need quickly. What I like best is that Amazing Spaces has everything I need to get organized… all kinds of boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, peanuts, pre-labeled tape and so much more.


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