Santa’s Helper: Self-Storage for Gifts


It’s that time of the year again- aka the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the season to celebrate and show loved ones how much we care. One of the ways that we do that is by exchanging gifts. If you have children, you’ll probably know very well how difficult it is to successfully hide Christmas presents from them and keep them hidden until Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Kids tend to transform into mini detectives around this time of the year and will not leave a closet unchecked or a mattress un-turned in order to discover what gifts you got for them this year. Add trying to find a good time and place to wrap these presents and keeping your stress levels to a minimum and you need a Christmas miracle!

Luckily, we’re here to help! Not only can you keep your gifts well-hidden in a storage unit until Christmas, you can also have items delivered directly to the storage facility free of charge. This could be optimal to avoid  little ones (or even significant others) from seeing the delivery packages and connecting the dots as to what goodies you’ve purchased for them. Because our conference room is also complimentary to customers, feel free to set a date to bring in your wrapping paper and bows and wrap your gifts before you take them home. Grab a cup of coffee, listen to the festive holiday music we play throughout the halls, and wrap away!

Using self-storage to hide Christmas gifts is a great option for anyone and it can help minimize stress and maximize joy to create those special memories with family. So get storing, and Happy Holidays!

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