How To Properly Store Your Furniture


If you have precious furniture that you do not have space for, consider storing it at Amazing Spaces. Keeping your items in a temperature controlled self-storage environment will ensure that they are kept safe. When storing your furniture for a long time, you can follow these steps to make the process easy and efficient.

Clean Before Storing

It will be important to clean your items thoroughly before you store them. Leaving dust, grime, dirt, or any other residue on your furniture can cause stains over time, and it may be impossible to clean off grime after years in storage. Mildew, rust, or mold will spread, so it is especially important to remove them. Basic cleaning will typically start with using a dry cloth to remove dust and a damp cloth for any stains.

Your exact method for cleaning your furniture will vary a little depending on what the furniture is made from. For wooden furniture, pick a gentle cleaner that will not stain or warp the wood. Use appropriate cleaners and some steel wool to get rid of any rust on metal furniture because it will get worse over time. If the furniture is made from fabric, it is wise to vacuum it and use a color-safe cleaner on the fabric. Consider using a furniture safe pesticide spray on any upholstery or wood furniture to make sure that any fabric and wood eating pests are not hiding in crevices.

storage furnitureDisassemble If Possible

If the furniture can be disassembled, go ahead and do so at this point. Storing furniture in pieces is helpful because otherwise gradual warping over time can cause breakage along joints and seams. You do not need to completely break it down, but doing things like removing legs, taking out drawers, or removing bed rails will make it easier and safer to store your furniture. Another bonus of furniture disassembly is that it will make it much easier to move the furniture to your storage unit. To make sure you can get the pieces back together again, take a few photos and notes while taking it apart.

Prepare Furniture Surfaces

Depending on the surface of your furniture, you may need to take a few extra steps to keep it safe. Wood furniture is particularly delicate because it expands and contracts with humidity and moisture. Even though the units at Amazing Spaces are climate and temperature controlled, it is still a good idea to apply a furniture polish or linseed oil coating to your wood furniture. This will keep the wood from drying out and cracking. To prevent any metal furniture from oxidizing, make sure to polish them before storing.

Apply Proper Coverings

A key part of storing furniture for a long period will be covering it with something to protect the furniture. This keeps dust or other airborne debris from settling on the furniture and causing stains over time. For breakable items like a glass table-top or a ceramic lamp, bubble wrap can be a valuable method of cushioning it. However, bubble wrap and other forms of tight plastic wrappings are not recommended for most other types of furniture. Plastic can trap moisture, leading to rot, mold, or cracks.

The ideal covering for most wood, upholstery, and metal furniture will be something that keeps the surface protected while still letting air circulate around the furniture. You can get drop cloths that are specifically designed for this purpose, or you can get a blanket or sheet made from natural fabric. Wrap or drape the coverings loosely around the furniture to make sure plenty of air can circulate still.

storage furniturePick Placement Carefully

The final step of properly storing your furniture will be actually placing it in your storage unit. This might seem relatively simple, but the truth is that you actually need to be quite cautious with placement in long-term storage. If possible, keep the furniture elevated on pallets. This will provide additional airflow around each piece. Avoid stacking anything on top of your furniture because this can lead to warping.

Leave plenty of space for every item to ensure that humidity does not get trapped in tight spaces. Carefully prop them up so that they are not likely to fall into each other and cause scratching. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least two inches of free space on every side of your furniture. It can be tempting to consider packing in your items tightly, but the damage this can do in long-term storage is not worth saving a few dollars each month.

Once your furniture is properly stored, you can be confident that it will be safely preserved until you need it again. The temperature controlled units at Amazing Spaces will help to keep your belongings in optimal shape. Our monitored door alarms, surveillance cameras, and seven-day unit access will provide additional security and easy access.

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