Storing the Holidays

It’s that sad time of the year when you have to take down the tree and Christmas decorations.   How can you ensure your items are kept safe until next year’s holiday season?

We’ve come up with several tips and tricks that will help you ensure that every Christmas will be as Amazing (if not better, hello after Christmas sales) as this past one.

1.Utilize proper storage containers for ornaments

DSC_3955 copyOne fabulous way to safely store your fragile Christmas ornaments is to use a dish packing box.  These boxes are made specifically to keep fragile dishes safe during a chaotic and hectic move. Double walled boxes ensure your items will be secure all year long.

2. Label fragile items

fragile-moving-labelsWe highly recommend labeling the items that are fragile, to ensure they are placed in a safe area during pack-away time.  Want to make it easier? Just slap on a fragile sticker to each box that contains a treasure.

3.When in doubt: wrap, protect, repeat

biodegradable-packing-peanutsMake sure to use packing materials that will help protect your items against any accidents (eek!).  If you’re storing fragile electronic decorations, like those cute little houses, make sure to utilize packing materials that will not damage the electronics. We recommend using a product like our biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts.  If you just want bubble wrap, make sure to buy wrap that has the correct sized bubbles. The smaller the item, the smaller the bubble you need.

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4. Store items in climate-controlled storage units

This is a no-brainer, especially for those used to the Houston climate. If you want to ensure your items stay in prime condition, then make sure to utilize a climate controlled unit with individual ventilation. 

moving-label-tape5. Keep room decoration sets together

Label, label, label!  What decorations went into the living room? The dining room? Save yourself sanity next year. Label your boxes properly so items can be restored to their proper glory next year.

Do you have any other tips for putting away holiday decorations? Comment below!

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