Thanksgiving Storage Hacks

Thanksgiving Storage Hacks | Thanksgiving Storage Hacks | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Looking to make your Thanksgiving as organized as possible this year? These six storage hacks, will save you time and most importantly, space!

Use your large cooler—During the holidays fridge space becomes the hottest real estate in the house! Make more room by emptying your fridge of condiments and additional items that take up space, and that you might not need for the Thanksgiving meal. Better yet, need more oven space or a spot to keep your hot items warm? Use your cooler as the insulated space that it is and line it with aluminum foil, towels and keep warm items tucked in together.

Utilize your slow cooker—When the stove top burners are in high demand, get creative with utilizing other means to keep things hot! For instance, opt for make-ahead mashed potatoes and keep them fluffy and warm in the slow cooker all day!

Use a measuring cup as a fat separator—The secret to great gravy is the perfect pan drippings. If you’re without a fat separator, pour your drippings into a large heatproof measuring cup and pop it in the freezer. As the drippings cool, the fat will rise to the top and solidify, making it easy to skim off with a spoon.

Thermos turned gravy warmer—Struggling to keep the gravy hot and running low on space? Your tall, slim thermos is the perfect secret storage spot! Just simply decant to a gravy boat right before serving.

Kitchen Cabinets As a Cookbook Stand—We’re all guilty of spilling gravy and mashed potatoes on grandma’s famous recipe cards! Rather than keeping them on the counter where they can get lost and damaged, tape them eye level to your upper cabinets. They’ll be easy to read and follow, and you can make notes on the fly — and even arrange them in order of your cooking prep.

Buy leftover containers to send home with guests—Rather than sending the whole family home with your collection of plasticware and scrambling to find the right options when cleaning up piles of Thanksgiving dishes, prepare ahead of time! Purchase Thanksgiving leftover containers, like THESE! Disposable, transportable, and easy to use!


Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or headed to a family member’s home, be sure to share this list and you won’t believe the difference it makes to be organized and prepared with all the proper, amazing spaces! Entertaining should be fun and enjoyable and we hope these tips help you!

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