Homecoming Traditions in Texas

Homecoming is such a big part of every Fall semester in High School. Homecoming in Texas involves the giving of Mums (gigantic corsage-type-thing featuring a chrysanthemum). This tradition is generally only practiced in Texas and if you’re a newcomer to our great state, there are a few things you might want to know about our crafty Homecoming tradition.

The History of Mums:

It is generally recognized that the Homecoming tradition originated at the University of Missouri around 1911.  Not too long after this tradition hit it off across the country, Texas boys started giving mums to their homecoming dates in the form of corsages.  Over the decades, these mums stayed fairly simple, that is until the Amazing 1970s.

Mum Facts:

In the 1970s, homecoming mums became more elaborate and have continued to grow to the mammoth size they are today. Now they include a huge silk flower, tons of large ribbons, charms, bows, bells, cowbells, stuffed animals, perhaps the high school mascot, and even LED lights in some cases! Everything really is bigger in Texas!

Along with a Homecoming football game, there is normally a Homecoming Dance. The tradition is for the guy to give his date a mum. For the most part, guys get them either by A) asking their Mom to make one, or B) buying one from a professional Mum maker (yes they exist).

Girls aren’t the only ones that get in on the action. Guys also wear smaller mums on their arms called garters. Normally they’re made to match the mum that the girl was wearing.

Mums aren’t complicated, but not everyone is crafty enough to make their own. In reality, the stuff you need to make them doesn’t cost much, but some people want to skip the hassle and just pay for a pre-made mum. These can range from $60–$300.

Check out this Amazing Mum infographic from DCMagazine for more information

Homecoming Mum Infographic

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