First Summer in Houston’s Heat? Here’s your official survival guide!

New to Houston? Chances are you’re also new to the quickly rising temps!  Here are some tips to get the most out of your summer in Houston and not let heat get the most of you.


Schedule your day around hot temps

Our lovely city heats up to a whopping 94 degrees on average every day during the summer time. Peak heat is from 10AM-3PM, so schedule outdoor fun in the early morning or late afternoon.


Don’t forget to protect your skin under the Texan sun!

Sunburns make it harder for your body to stay hydrated and cool down quickly, plus, they’re just simply uncomfortable. Don’t let a sunburn take away from your fun; carry a travel size sunscreen bottle. According to The American Academy of Dermatology sunscreen use can help prevent skin cancers by protecting you from the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays. It is suggested that you use a broad spectrum protection sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Don’t forget to spread it on thick!


Stay cool with energy efficient appliances when you’re relaxing indoors

. You can stay cool and enjoy your amazing space all summer without breaking the bank. Thanks to the Texas law on energy regulation companies give competitive pricing to their customers.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Wherever you, family and friends decide to have fun this summer never forget to have water readily available. Purchase a fun reusable water bottle and deliciously refreshing water flavors with vitamins and minerals. This helps keep your body hydrated and healthy to attend Houston summer festivities all summer long. Let’s not forget our furry friends sweat, too! Walks under the summer sun are perfectly healthy, so purchase a collapsible water bowl to take with you on the go!


Think light & flowy wherever you go this summer.

Wear loose, light colored clothing and avoid tight, dark fabrics. You can still dress the part to all of your sunny events, while you stay cool.


Try the Texas method!

This method is used by many homes across the Southern region. All you have to do is let cool air in at night by using window fans and then close them in the morning once the sun heats up the outdoor air. Keeping your windows and doors closed, and shades lowered helps keep the hot outdoor air from coming into your cool home!

Are you in the middle of a move to Houston during the summer heat? Here are some ways to make your move a bit cooler in this Texas heat.

Use moisture resistant wrap and heavy duty tape for boxes in order to avoid ruining your family’s precious belongings with condensation in the moving process. A climate controlled storage space will be your items’ best friend in keeping them preserved during your move.  Cover your windows using special solar shades to drastically reduce the amount of light and heat that come into your space by 95%. In turn, these amazing shades can help reduce electric cooling bills as well! Heat reduction isn’t the only magic trick these shades can do because they’re great for privacy! You can see out, but neighbors passing outside cannot see in. Keep in mind, this function only works during the day! At night, lights inside of your home make solar shades transparent.  If possible, talk to the previous owner about tips for air-conditioning efficiency in the home and see if air ducts need to be tightened to improve their function. Last but not least, stop into your local Amazing Spaces location and visit with us with a cool and refreshing bottle of water!

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