Amazing Tips for Surviving the Heat

Man wiping sweat off his brow in the houston heat

Texas heat is nothing to mess around with! Whether you’re a native or new to the area—there’s not doubt the heat is extreme, especially during the summer months. This summer, there’s an added layer(pun intended) to fighting the heat. While wearing a mask is not mandatory in the state of Texas, it is recommended. That being said, there’s some extra precautions to take in an effort to avoid overheating. A recent CNN Health article highlights the topic …”A key issue is that when we breathe, we cool off, so wearing a mask that (gets) quickly hot can lead to an elevated temperature in extreme heat, especially if accompanied by humidity…in other words, if you can’t breathe easily through your mask and you’re wearing it outside, you could overheat,” says Dr. Richard Wenzel, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

So, let’s dive in… (to a pool of cold water)…but, really, and if that’s not possible, here are some alterative recommended ways to beat the heat this summer:

  • Stay hydrated—This may seem pretty obvious, but, do you know how much water the average person should consume in a day? It’s different for women and men and amounts recommended are also impacted by the environment. The average woman is recommended to consume about 11.5 cups(2.7 liters) of water per day, while men come in slightly higher at around 15.5 cups(3.7 liters). Now, this is the average, but if you are outside sweating and also wearing a mask that’s hindering you from cooling off properly, that number only goes up! Not wanting to keep refilling your cup and counting as you go? Here’s a handy water bottle option that does the work for you!
  • Have your AC unit serviced—This is a great tip to keep the inside of your home cool! Be sure that your central AC unit is efficiently cooling by hiring someone to check the coils and ducts before the heat hits.
  • Give Yourself a Spritz—Keep a mister spray bottle in the fridge filled with cold water and take it on the go with you! As the water evaporates, it cools you and causes thermal regulation. While elephants wet their ears first by blasting water from their trunks, humans should begin with their wrists to quickly cool down the blood flowing through their veins.
  • Carry along portable/battery operated fan—A fan helps evaporate sweat and moves heat away from the body. The faster you can move that sweat, the cooler you’ll feel. THIS hand held mini fan is the perfect on the go option!
  • Ditch the shoes—According to Donald R. Bohay, M.D., a member of the American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society, “As the sweat on your feet evaporates, it cools the skin and the blood in your feet. Blood vessels then whisk that blood to other parts of the body, so you’re getting a greater sensation of coolness.” Going barefoot isn’t always possible, so, instead opt for an open toed shoe or something where air can circulate around the foot.
  • In(vest) in a cooling vest— For those living with more severe medical issues, the heat can pose even more of a threat. Consider investing in a cooling vest that cools your body’s core for up to 3 hours. We’re not talking frozen ice packs here, instead the ThermApparel UnderCool cooling vest uses bio-degradable non-toxic phase change technology that are safe to wear directly against your skin. Better yet, its nearly invisible and you can wear it right under your shirt! This is the purchase that keeps on giving and can be used for your lifetime—just simply recharge the packs quickly in a fridge, freezer or ice water.

We hope you found these tips helpful as you battle to beat the Texas heat! What are some tricks that have helped you cool off? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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