17 Amazing Things To Do In Houston This Summer


Houston, Texas is a great place to live and visit for a number of reasons. Sometimes, there are hidden gems in an area that even the most seasoned traveler or local might miss. The following are 17 things you must do in Houston this summer. Hopefully, some of these exciting and fun things to do in Houston give you some amazing summer ideas. You never know what new adventures are hidden in your city.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

One of the most interesting and enlightening locations to visit is the Houston Museum of Natural Science. This place can dazzle those interested in surreal things. They can gaze upon the 60 large skeleton mounts of dinosaurs that once roamed this earth.

Children’s Museum of Houston

Another interesting location to visit is the Children’s Museum, which was founded back in 1980. The museum has a number of interactive exhibits that focus on everything, from science to technology. It is definitely the kind of place where a child can learn and have fun at the same time.

Space Center Houston

America fell in love with space travel because of Texas, so it is fitting that it is there where your imagination could run wild. Your sense of wonder, your thoughts on your place in this universe, and your sense of fun can all be tickled by visiting this Space Center.

Discovery Green

The place focuses on community, so it is not surprising to see the locals get together to do a little yoga or come together for movie nights, which happens regularly in the park. It definitely has the same spirit that the team at Amazing Spaces has.

Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium is another place worth visiting. The entertainment complex was made to amaze with its 500,000-gallon aquarium that holds more than 200 species of ocean life. Of course, the location also offers upscale restaurants and great shopping opportunities.

The Health Museum

The entertaining and educational Health Museum is also in the city. Part of the reason people love this museum is that its state-of-the-art attractions that are quite interactive. One of the most exciting attractions is the walk-through exhibit of the human body where you can travel inside a giant replica of the human body.

Speedy’s Fast Track

It would not be Texas without a little fun at the track, and the Fast Track Amusements definitely offers that. Anyone who loves Formula 1-styled karts are probably going to love this place though it does offer a number of other fun things to do. There is a great miniature golf center and an arcade center. You can also play laser tag with all of your guests, or just watch another race as you cheer them on.

Museum of Fine Arts

The fine arts can be hard to appreciate for some but that shouldn’t stop anyone from visiting. The museum‘s stunning collection of historic art pieces is an exhibit of human ingenuity. It is an exhibit that shows everyone who visits the thoughts, feelings, and soul of humanity through the ages. All of these things can be seen in some portraits and paintings in the museum.

Minute Maid Park

Those interested in baseball should definitely visit the Minute Maid Park in Houston. It is where the Astros play and where many dreams have come true. The team gets to play on natural grass, which is not exactly common in the sport. It is a great place to bring the family and have a wonderful time cheering on a team that those who work at Amazing Spaces cheer on, too.

Cockrell Butterfly Center

The Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology may not be commonly known, but it definitely is a wonderful place to visit. The variety of species to see in this museum is incredible. They offer a number of ways for families to learn about bugs and the way these insects interact with the world.

The Galleria

Okay, sometimes what you really want to do is just go shopping and you can do that in Houston, too. There are more than 400 stores inside of this mall so you can really shop until you drop. Don’t worry about where you’re going to store your purchases because you already have climate controlled and safe storage units at Amazing Spaces.

Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts has high glass walls that are definitely made to impress. It is a stunning view and it definitely is the place to go if you love live shows and theater. You should definitely consider visiting this location with your family to have a wonderful time together.

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Waterwall Park is another wonderful park to visit. There is a 64 ft semi-circular fountain that needs to be seen to be believed. All you have to do is bring your family, and let the park provide the serenity and peace. There are about 186 oak trees all around the park that are worth admiring so there is a lot to take in.

Texas Rock Gym

Those who’ve always wanted to climb a mountain but haven’t may want to consider the Texas Rock Gym. There are 14,000 sq ft of climbable walls in this place, and you can climb with supervision and protection. Many families come here to have fun. There are also climbers with various levels of experience there, so you’ll likely find your crowd here.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Houston is known for its brewing, and no other place holds as much brewing history than the Saint Arnold Brewing Company. The beer here is brewed in front of your eyes, and you get to experience how delicate the process truly is. Visitors get to drink some of the beers formulated here, which is just part of the fun.

Toyota Center

The Houston Rockets have a home in Houston and it’s at the Toyota Center. Those who love basketball will likely have a lot of fun at this center where you can learn about your team or watch them play live. It should be noted that there are a number of restaurants worth trying inside the center, so there is a lot of fun to be had.

The Music Box Theater

Those who love a little sketch comedy might fall in love with the Music Box Theater. The shows here range from comedies to musicals with a little comedy thrown in there. The performers are experienced and love the theater, which is part of the reason visitors fall in love with the performances and why it is a must-see for you, too.

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